Nothing makes me smile more
than the thought that I’ve somehow
touched your heart and mind.

Consume My Heart

Drink in all of its beauty,
for autumn is a cup brimming with
eternal poetic inspiration.

A mountain of leaves
leaves me with the feeling
I’ll never leave this golden state.

Whispers from the gentle wind
can be heard if one stops to listen
through a fresh pair of ears.

Today my mind is ajar
and my eyes are sealed shut,
letting October consume my heart.

Humoring the whims of my youth,
I’ll collapse into that enveloping hill,
emerging only when spring ceases to dream.

She’s a beautiful dream
in which love has no limit,
and when the night falls
I’ll be falling along with it.

Autumn Sun

Your brown eyes compliment
the autumn sun.
My heart beating comfortably
with you and I one.

I’d kiss you right now,
but I’m far too nervous.
So I’ll hold your hand
while we sit, wordless.

Enjoying the grand view
that October mornings deliver,
our love is brand new,
and yet it’s warm and familiar.

Leaves descend around us
from our spot under this tree.
In a bed of red and gold,
I pray to God we’ll always be.

Morning Due

giving morning dew
its rightful due
this ripe morning


If every line of poetry I wrote
brought me closer to your heart,
I’d never stop composing words,
for from you I don’t wish to part.

Sometimes I Wonder

Sometimes I wonder
if they really could be right
about who God is.

Wonder if He is
a conservative politician
in deity form.

Wonder how He could
possibly support fewer rights
for certain people.

Wonder if He does
cast non-Christians into hell
to burn for eternity.

Wonder if His idea
of love is loving only those
who love Him.

Sometimes I wonder
if they really could be right
about who God is.


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