Peace won’t come until
our generalizations
are done away with.

Electric Eccentric

Poetic words often travel alone,
no music to accompany them
as they wander dismal avenues
with only chain-link fences
to guide their eccentric gait.

Train of Thought

These feelings of mine
by which decisions are made
may undermine my mind
if I let them override my train.

How Sweet

How sweet it would be
if you were in love with me.

How nice we might sway
upon a dream’s gentle wave.

How tall our hope would grow,
with kisses raining from the sky below.

How grandiose our bright romance,
more romantic than Paris, France.

How sincere the way we’d hold hands,
the future sculpting a pair of wedding bands.

Call to Love

I’m a follower,
but I wrestle with doubt.
I’m a believer,
taking a different route.

These ancient words,
some lost in translation,
have caused us hurt
and impeded our nation.

Yet the calling to love
remains at its core.
I don’t need to judge.
I just need the Lord.


There is no catch; I love you so.
I only thought that you should know.

Poker Face

Your smile’s so warm,
yet your heart’s so cold.
I’m calling your bluff.
I wouldn’t think to fold.

I’m going all in.
I don’t care about odds,
a war in my mind
between devils and gods.

I may lose everything,
but it’s worth this shot
to play my cards right,
to earn the whole pot.


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