This is the last time I’ll think about her,
moving on from the habit of feeling unsure.

She took so much from who I wanted to be,
but I can’t let that stop me from becoming free.

Severing ties hurts, but that’s how it goes sometimes.
I can’t always conceal my pain behind fragile, wobbly rhymes.


The lingering scent of tobacco and perfume
rests upon the sweater you left behind that night,
and I wish you’d come back to retrieve it,
but weeks have already passed since then,
so I suppose I shouldn’t keep my hopes up like this.

Still, the thought of you knocking on my door
fills me with such a childish kind of joy
that I can’t help but be swept up in the tide
of your possible company once again,
you, the remarkable sun, and I, the blade of grass.


The recent so-called tidal wave
will destroy everything in its path.
Change is what we always crave,
even if it means we’re moving back.

Our attention span has become short,
events slipping through our memory’s cracks.
We forget while they cry fuck the poor,
swinging at progression, brandishing their axe.

It’s a battle with no end in sight,
a seesaw system set up to fail.
Pulling left and then going right,
with compromise a fairy tale.

Red Dust

The winter sun throws unwelcome light upon my heart,
revealing the fault line snaking through the center of its facade
and the dust that’s accumulated from years of disuse.

Turn the Page

Don’t worry about what some will say.
Don’t let them cause you a bit of hurt.
They simply don’t know the difference
between being friendly and being a flirt.

Still, out of ignorance
they’ll think that they know
everything about you,
watching you like a show.

It’s solely on them.
You’re not to blame in the least.
Keep on being you,
and forget the conclusions they reach.

You have nothing to gain from their chatter.
Their words, buried, as snow begins to fall.
So turn the page and begin a new chapter.
It will be their own foolish loss, after all.

Comfort Enough

Shooting arrows into the wind,
dreaming of a time they’ll soar.
Giving them reason once again,
ignoring all they’ve done before.

I don’t wish for them to prove me right.
I pine after the moment I’m entirely wrong.
I long for new eyes with innocent sight.
I tire of crooning the same hopeless song.

The skin covering my muscle and bone
gets thinner as the years progress.
Out of desperation I’ve made a home,
accustomed to no and never to yes.

Though maybe the descending leaves
will come and wipe sadness away.
A breath of comfort the idea heaves,
enough to get me through today.


Shavings of my heart litter the page
as I attempt to erase my past,
needing a clean slate to move on
before life leaves me too fast.

The stains covering my mind and soul
will no longer be a setback, a wall.
I’m putting my future in own my hands
rather than waiting around for a call.

And if I should hopelessly fail,
I won’t hesitate to pick myself up and try again.
From now on I’m giving it my all,
focused upon the journey instead of the end.


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