Painted lines on roads
don’t offer any real protection,

yet the safety I feel
as I drive my car each day,

the faith I put in people
and the devices made by them,

is far greater than
the trust I claim to place in God,

and that thought leaves me
with a sense of how very flawed

human logic can be
when pride seizes one’s heart.


Dog lifts its nose
to inhale the scent
of a fallen limb.

Finding My Way

Darkness is overcome.
Demise has lost its sting.
Disease puts up a fight,
but it can’t take everything.

The soul remains
inside Your palm.
You keep us safe,
You keep us calm.

When worry strikes,
when doubts emerge,
You gently call
until You’re heard.

I’m finding my way
back to You.
Though it’s not easy,
I know it’s true.


Bury me in rain.
Soak me to the bone.
Until I can’t feel pain.
Until my heart’s a stone.

Pawn Shop

The faint smell of tobacco lingers
upon almost every item for purchase here,
specters chain-smoking cigarettes
as empty people browse shelves packed full
of ill-gotten things ripped from desperate hands.


If the words I’m writing now
should outlive my skin and bones,
that’ll be all right with me,
for then I’ll reside in many homes.

This Lovely Day

I tried for hours to write a sad poem,
but I’m far too happy this lovely day.
Perhaps tomorrow, I tell melancholy
as I set down my pen and walk away.


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