humid, unbearable
a second skin

I pine for
crisp autumn
to return
bringing rain

My Calling

I stand behind a wooden door
reinforced with metal bars,
the entrance of which will lead
to vast, ascending hallways
that will eventually dissolve
into my very own conclusion.

I simply have to be
courageous enough to knock,
and disciplined to keep
my eyes on the information
as it beckons me toward
what was planned all along.


Its entrance is silent,
though the heart beats faster.
Creeping along walls,
thick love coated in plaster.

A defense of sorts,
never open, never warm.
Hard feelings crack,
exposed to likely harm.

Flashes of the past
appear as fountain bursts.
Memories in sepia
in lines from best to worst.

The one that got away
didn’t have very far to go.
Index finger to the wind,
aiming high but lying low.

My Idea of Heaven

You and I reading novels on the white sand,
the tide occasionally spilling over our toes.

In No Rush

This is how we fall in love.
The time that passes makes us strong.
In no rush, we’ve got our lives
to learn from every right and wrong.


Endings don’t come easy.
True love is inevitably missed.
It’s enough to drive one crazy,
like the lingering feeling of being kissed.

The difficulty isn’t in the pain so much,
but in the gaping hole that’s left behind.
Shock of loss makes it numb to the touch,
and that empty torture is most unkind.

Kite in the Wind

Falling, falling
into your arms.
Crawling, crawling
into your charms.

Every word you speak
is a melting song unto my ears.
Just the quickest peek,
and I feel I’ve known you for years.

I couldn’t ask for more.
You’re the wind and I’m the kite.
Permeating through my core,
you’re the one guiding this flight.


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