The answer to the question
set ablaze upon my mind
is one shrouded in mystery,
terrified of what I’ll find.

Before Dreaming

And as I glide into repose,
I think about your pretty face,
your lovely nonjudgmental heart,
your speech that’s like a warm embrace.


It starts with a word,
and ends with silence.
Existing on the earth,
we shine as diamonds.

Trying to pay off debt,
digging in empty pockets.
The sun has yet to set,
evening becomes hottest.

Melted by the waves,
swimming without purpose.
Half-love never stays,
it’s just a traveling circus.


Art, on trial
for a crime he didn’t commit,
is sentenced
to life in classroom,
a fate far worse
than capital punishment,
stifled breaths
beneath academic texts
without any clue.

Out to Lunch

Out to lunch right after church,
table full of surly cliques.
Twenty-seven separate checks,
party of ten percent tips.


If the trees lose their leaves,
and the sun its familiar shine,
my love for you won’t sleep,
nor fade along with passing time.

Golden are your inward parts.
Gleaming is your pretty skin.
Open is your gentle heart.
Perfect are the ways we sin.

Here I am, a smitten man,
a willing captive by your hand.
Give my all in every plan.
I’m a shipwreck, you are land.

I held you tight.
I held you close.
I should have learned
to let you go.

Now my heart,
it’s stuck in place.
No longer beating,
but catching flames.

Your words used to be
healing water on my scars.
They’re visible now,
illuminated by stars.

When morning arrives,
it brings me no solace.
Imagining you,
who was always so flawless.

How fitting it is
that I should be still.
I never moved you.
I was only a hill.


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