Quad Negative

I don’t care anymore.
I tried but you didn’t.
I can’t ignore facts.
What I want just isn’t.


The offbeat piano
shoots chills down my spinal cord,
conjuring unknown
markings ‘cross this Ouija board.

These poems in clusters,
like grapes made of paper,
they’re all I can muster,
so bring out the staplers.

Two Tongues

O devil darling,
tell me why, oh tell me why
you think you’ve a monopoly
on making me cry.

O angel darling,
tell me how, oh tell me how
you expect me to believe you
if all’s in doubt.

O demon darling,
tell me what, oh tell me what
you witnessed that awful morning
as forests were cut.

O divine darling,
tell me when, oh tell me when
you decided to get rid of
each of my friends.

O horrid darling,
tell me where, oh tell me where
you discovered a new refuge
free from despair.

O lovely darling,
tell me who, oh tell me who
you will attempt to deceive next
with twisted truth.

Cocky Wind

Pellets of rain descend
from the gray like a hail of gunfire,
rusted metal trash cans
toppling over, shoved by the cocky wind

who doesn’t so much enjoy the result
as he does power. Throwing his weight
onto the litter strewn across vacant, dirty streets
he finds the temptation to control
even the tiniest of fates irresistible.

Heavenly While

In the silence of my car,
your sleeping face.
I drive you home in heavy rain.
Where is love,
that missing piece?
We keep above the fray,
at least.


I’ve wasted away such precious time
not considering Your beautiful grace.
It’s as though I had been hypnotized,
now finally realizing my wrong ways.


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