Hands to Have

What lovely hands
to have, to hold.
What broken minds
to fix, to mold.

The money’s gone,
at least for now.
The pushy throng,
at peace somehow.

Song for Lindsey

Here’s a song I wrote for my lovely girlfriend, Lindsey. It’s called If You Choose, and I hope you’ll give it a listen. Or a hundred. Haha. Love you all.❤

Spreading My Wings

the nerve to be
and loved
I am
faithful and

At Rest

Let me fall asleep
to the beauty of Your song,
playing in my dreams
as You guide my faith along.

Tepid Water

With the tepid water rising
all around the cell we made,
is vicious death surprising?
We forgot but never forgave.


In love with another man,
her eyes don’t see
all we could be,
what we already are,
and how she’s affected me.

For Wren

Why is it the magnificent ones,
the ones with beauty running deep
whose hearts often hurt,
the ones with scars
countless as stars?