Only So Much

If I was God, I’d be able
to forgive you and forget
how many times you hurt me,
but I’m merely a fragile man
whose heart can only take
so much abuse, whether
you’re sorry or not.

Quite Hopeful

You were once my present,
but now you’re my dusty past.
My future is quite hopeful,
and all because we didn’t last.

A Beast Starved

Instructions from our god
say we should spend some time

tell us less than
our fair share, and then
recede into the dark.

Valor has my heart
inside the marble halls all

beneath protection
listening is a beast starved.

To Know the Lord

O what a relief
to know the Lord is faithful.
What infinite love
even when I fail miserably.

Poison and Mold

A breath of stale air
and I’m choking again.
I prayed you’d be fair
while my heart let you in.

I made myself vulnerable,
open-minded and warm.
Your taking advantage
so quickly caused harm.

As soon as you stole
the parts that you wanted,
you left me to pass,
my corpse lonely, not haunted.

I made myself vulnerable,
and now I’ve grown cold.
Love is fresh air,
but you were poison and mold.


The cry of the wind
as it carries the burdens
of a world in pain.

But Then

In the quiet,
sleep nestles
against our
bodies, ever calm,
ever in love like
it was meant to be.

Before the serpent
and the mess to follow,
minds pure of heart
might have remained so
for eternity, but then


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