Because He Can

He throws his weight around,
the temper of a misbehaving child.
Won’t stop until he gets his way,
with arrogance grown so wild.

Is this what I should be like?
Is he the picture of a real man?
Mind sealed shut and mouth wide open,
doing harm because he can.

My New Song!

Hi, everyone! I just finished recording my new song Leah in its entirety. I hope you’ll love it! Thank you so very much for listening. <3

Green Man

I’ve taken in no drink,
haven’t smoked a thing at all.
But where does that leave me?
An alien uncalled?

Hi! So I just started writing this song, and I want to share a snippet of it with all of you. It came to me when I was fiddling around with my guitar tonight, and I’m so very glad it did! I can’t wait to finish it so I can post the full track. In the meantime, I hope you’ll enjoy its chorus! :)

Shades of Pain

Blue then green
then hazel then brown.
Different colors,
but the same old frown.

In blue I drowned.
In green I lost.
In hazel I withered.
In brown I tossed.

Maybe the pain
is where I’m bound
by blue and green,
hazel and brown.

Get It Out

Get the poison out,
the paper says to my heart.
If you don’t set it free,
then you’ll surely fall apart.

Good Afternoon!

Hi! I hope your day has been treating you well. I just uploaded another recording to my SoundCloud, a poem I wrote a few months ago but never shared on this blog. It’s called The House by the River. Please share your thoughts on it, as your feedback is very valuable to me. Thanks so much, and happy listening!


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