Lover Existing

I had a dream I was holding hands with a boy.
My life felt like it was over. In the dream I mean.
The room was brimming with judgmental people,
and the unnecessary shame I experienced
when he whispered in my ear was overwhelming.

His whisper made me shiver and
their eyes made me shudder. Those scornful eyes
condemning me to a place I didn’t believe in
anyway. What did they know of me, of us, o beautiful
lover existing only in my deepest recesses?

So Yesterday…

​was the last day I’ll be doing a daily post. From now on I’ll be putting up a new poem the 1st of every month, so look out for those. Thanks for your readership. 🙂

Determined Faces

Will you walk beside me
into both great and bad?
Our determined faces shining,
moving forward hand in hand.


The culmination within grasp,
evil sets his sight on more.
Even with the world aghast,
history a blood-stained floor.

Never Lonely

Silence, only silence
through my nearly empty home.
Peaceful, never lonely
curling up with every tome.

Bucket List

Just a drop left
in the bucket of the night.
Daylight an ocean
until about twelve hours’ time.


Rhyming the same words
in a slightly different order.
Trying to say something new
inside the same border.