These prison bars holding me back;
I scream but they just remain still.
Lost again, heading down the wrong track,
with the rain causing me to lose my will.

This life’s a game with many rules;
I tried to bend them but they broke.
Sleeping next to lovers and fools,
the glaring sun burned till I woke.

Forced to remain in my damp corner,
no windows in sight to calm my nerves.
I find that I’m a selfish mourner,
getting what my conscience deserves.

By now the rest have already fled,
while I stay tied to my dark past.
To abandonment I have been wed,
committed till I breathe my last.


Glowing perfection
isn’t something to be chased.
Flaws are natural;
we learn from our mistakes.

Our genuine best
is what we should strive for.
Giving all effort;
in that way we’ll thrive more.


Mind the storm, I’ll mind the calm.
On an island without a palm.

We’re stranded but joyfully singing.
We’re abandoned bells hopelessly ringing.

Help comes from the aging sky.
Our spirits ascend as our bodies die.

Ordinary Works

Blessed by her amazing grace,
a lot has changed
inside love’s space.

Leading me along by touch,
every heartstring
years have crushed.

Vindicated by her smile,
I’m free from this
constant denial.

Taking me by use of kindness,
ordinary works
refine us.


I swim right through you once again,
enchanted by your ocean grin.

I find myself taken aback,
prone to your fluid attack.

Do with me just as you wish.
You’re the water, I’m the fish.

Your oxygen is strangling me,
yet still I do not want to flee.

You will be my near demise.
I’ll drown inside your seasick eyes.

Irony, stealing
from coincidence again.
That’s so like him.


The smile on your face in photographs,
none of which I’m a part of,
makes me happy and sad at the same time,
this cocktail of emotions taking me back
to when you used to think of me, too.


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