Revisiting the past is hard,
the echoes of my youth in bursts.
I pulled each tattered thread apart,
invented memories and words.

Recognized by only me,
a quiet place to lay my soul.
Crossing out eternity,
I find that love is still the goal.

O play the song I used to know,
even if it means more pain.
Discomfort might just help me grow,
teaching to embrace the rain.

Revisiting the past is strange,
the echoes of my being faint.
Traits in a constant gift exchange,
questions assail without restraint.

These hands of mine,
they’re cracked and dry.
The cold wind blows,
no tears to cry.

These fights of mine,
they’ve been for not.
The cold wind blows,
changing the plot.

This heart of mine,
it’s become hard.
The cold wind blows,
pushing it far.

This pride of mine,
it’s broken now.
The cold wind blows,
I don’t know how.

If I held my heart
up to the light
would brightness wash
away its crimes?

I’ve been running,
endlessly cursing the day.
Staying in the shadows,
defenseless and afraid.

If I gave my heart
back to its owner
would eternal oil
runneth over?

I’ve been chasing,
pursuing a safer place.
Somewhere in between
judgement and her face.

Shapes in the Sky

Could I be the one to make your day?
A jovial sky; not clouds, just shapes?

Taking Seconds

Leave your mind outside the door,
wolves guiding sheep to the killing floor.

I divided my heart to fit inside,
one piece going left, the other right.

Take a seat, and we’ll begin
a show so grand and free of sin.

River water drowns temptation
along with our souls and motivation.

How can this be righteousness
when we offer You the second kiss?

I’d Like To

A gesture of your hand
just before you cut words short.
What was on your mind?
I’ve been wondering since morn.

Don’t you know I’d follow,
busy streets and barren lands?
I’d like to be a humble part
of the grace on which we stand.


Early morning battle
has buried the day’s remains,
afternoon and evening
pulsing through night’s veins.


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