These rocky rhymes
long to be smooth.
The sun is setting
while we move.

Don’t fear the cliff
till you know what’s below.
My hands are open
if you choose to come close.

You care, my dear,
I know you do.
Held back by fear,
dismissing truth.

The lies protect
inside this moment,
but later on
they’ll leave you broken.

Is This

The shouting, the fighting,
the doubting words biting.
Is this the space we fit inside?

The yelling, the silence,
expelling mute violence.
Is this the race we win with pride?

One Fine May

Let me take my poetic bitterness
and shelve it for the rest of today.
Here’s the truth, beautiful woman:
you’re the finest thing to come from May.


If I use each and every space
to put together my poems of love,
will I witness your smiling face
across these golden skies above?

She put me inside a prison of worry and doubt,
and the worst part is I allowed it to occur.
For a time in my heart I didn’t want to get out,
and that only made me more reliant on her.

Hope Indeed

You’re the sundrenched trees along a road
I haven’t driven on for many years, this being
the first time alone, and the freedom I feel
as I imagine your smile gives me hope indeed.


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