And with that final kiss goodbye,
irrelevant as hope was I,
missing out on asking why,
enough to make me want to cry,
enamored of your lovely lie.

Pushing Forward

Heading down the highway,
my car nearly out of gas.
I continue pushing forward,
set on reaching greener grass.

No money in my pocket,
not a care upon my shoulders.
I’ll follow pen and paper,
empty these manila folders.

The sun starts to descend.
I don’t stop for motion’s sake.
I’ll reach my destination
as the moon and stars awake.

My eyes are slowly closing,
but my heart’s drumbeat is steady.
The plot will soon unfold,
and when it does, I will be ready.

I was once the shy kid in the corner.
Now I’m confident and bold.
I’ve got my goals in order.
By temptation I won’t be pulled.


Blips aired on the evening news
return to reality when the camera’s switched off,
going back to near-empty rooms,
nothing echoing inside expect the driest cough.


Our astronaut hearts
incited the riot we’re now witnessing,
handfuls of molding clay
to shape a future already set in stone.


We met our end,
but there wasn’t any closure.
Just a dangling thread
keeping my love from keeling over.

My heart still beats for you.
I know how foolish that must sound.
It may be foolish but it’s true.
Thoughts of you go round and round.

I’m a boat that’s lost its sail.
I’m a sea missing its shore.
I’m not the only one to fail,
but it hurts regardless of before.


The late-winter sun
is a blessing here today.
Beaming down at us,
a silent but loving gaze.

Warming frozen skin,
if only for a moment’s time.
Guiding moving limbs
toward a state of being fine.

Broken Sum

We promised each other next time,
but that day will never come.
It’s just something people say,
so we stay pieces of a broken sum.

Words are easier than actions,
and that’s what we’ll choose every time.
We’re not known for our effort,
and old habits just won’t stop on a dime.

Mistakes that could be avoided,
we run headfirst into their hold.
Thinking it’ll turn out different
if we just disregard the cold.

You’re a hamster on a wheel.
I’m a rat inside a maze.
Learning from no experience,
existence just a daze.


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