Don’t Think

The chess match continues on…
don’t think about anything
but remaining a pawn.


My body is a mess,
but that doesn’t mean
that pure joy is lost
to the things unseen.

I’ll continue to fight
for what I believe.
No darkness of night
could bid my hope leave.

This continual wrestling,
it’s worth every ounce
of strength I possess
as God’s trumpet sounds.

If He continues calling,
I’ll answer, armed and ready.
It’s true, I am a warrior,
my faith by Him made steady.


Nestled under blankets,
reading her pleasant words.
My heart is overwhelmed
by the warmth inside of her.

Fleeting Love

Ravaged by the fall,
eternity embraced.
Before we knew it all,
externally too late.

Kiss me, fleeting love,
eternity discarded.
Ignoring songs above,
internally unguarded.

Even in Light

I hear the bells ring in the distance,
a product of many late nights.
But if one stops and carefully listens,
they can be heard even in light.


Pour out the bottle’s contents,
a symbol of control.
It may be one of many,
but one’s no longer full.


To destroy the prison bars
that have been holding our minds back
is to revel in the knowledge
that we’re much more than what we lack.


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