Rhyming the same words
in a slightly different order.
Trying to say something new
inside the same border.

Golden Ripples Rough

A plug, a pluck
off the earth once again,
golden ripples rough
against existence’s skin.

Tweets at 3am

each character typed
in the middle of the night
a car alarm going off

Desire Not

Your fingers on my thigh,
running circles ‘long my skin.
Desire not to be denied,
with each touch you’re further in.

Something More

The mark you made
left me a better man,
striving, something more
than existence cold and bland.

Blue, not found in her eyes
though brown is just as pretty,
and God knows where those
bulbs shine brightest, sparkling
like rain-soaked cars
frosted over in the night.

Push You

Morsel, just a morsel
of bread a drop
in the bucket of what
you thought
was all there is
but a morsel, just
a morsel
to push you