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One little line,
buried in the margin of a page.
It might be smaller than the others,
but it has so much more to say.

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These mountains are so powerful,
yet bound to stay in their place.
Who can even attempt to move them
without the strength of His wondrous grace?

I’ve tried in the past to do everything on my own,
with no help whatsoever.
Without His guidance,
I might have been wandering aimlessly forever.

If it wasn’t for the change
His spirit performed inside of me,
I surely would have been
a faithful worker of iniquity.

He helped me to set my sights
on things that were better,
and made my heavy burdens
as light as the dove’s feather.

Because of Him I’m a captive
who’s been given freedom,
but through my daily struggles I realize
how much I’ll always need Him.

Never again do I want to be
as far away as I once was.
I will earnestly seek Him for
the remainder of my days,
to be bathed in His perfect love.

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She always tries her hardest,
yet she gains nobody’s acceptance.
She hasn’t learned to disregard the fools
who are blind to her stunning excellence.

They don’t understand her.
They won’t give her a rest.
She’s different from every one of them,
so much better than their best.

Though she’s looked down upon now,
the tables will be turned later,
and she’ll show those people love
even though they’d said they hated her.

Beautiful and caring,
as elegant as can be.
God will eventually give her wings to fly.
Someday she will be free.

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Walking through the graveyard of your mind,
I see all the lost souls,
the ones who wasted their time.

It’s cold in here.
I can barely keep still.
The shivering overwhelms me,
and I start feeling ill.

It’s sad to see such a tragedy as this,
the ones who never made it,
the ones who didn’t get a chance to exist.

Far away I can see love.
I dash for it,
but I can’t keep up.
I begin losing hope.
The tears are starting to come.

But very suddenly,
it’s right in front of me.

I grab hold of it tightly,
never wanting to lose love again.
Life’s impossible without it,
our everlasting friend.

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The ocean is tossing him from here to there.
He doesn’t have anywhere to call home.
Saltwater in his lungs takes the place of air,
and he can feel himself sinking farther below.

The dark depths are unforgiving.
They force him deeper still.
Now that he’s in,
he cannot leave,
because he no longer has free will.

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By Chance

My mind’s a worn bridge.
You’re always crossing it.
Love is a pit
that I’m constantly falling in.

Draw me a map to your heart.
If you won’t do that,
at least tell me where to start.

I want to be in your presence
for as long as I can.
I might not have common sense,
but please take me as I am.

All I need is one chance.
My charm will do the rest.
Feel the spark of our woven hands,
hear the beating in my chest.

My heart tells me you’re the one
it’s been seeking for years.
I hope that you don’t choose to run.
I’ve been so lonely here…

By chance we met on a cloudy day,
a November memory so far away.
A moment defined the rest of our lives,
and now we live, husband and wife.

Committed to each other,
just as two of one flesh ought to be.
No lies or deception,
just patience and understanding.

By chance you looked beyond all of my flaws.
You dug deeper than anyone had ever gone.
You saw my soul and considered my mind.
You analyzed the inward and skimmed the outside.

By chance we met.
By chance we’re together.
By chance we were led,
but by love we’re forever.

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Because I never got up the courage to ask,
love hasn’t touched me,
and I’ve become something grotesque.

If I hadn’t been nervous,
and wasn’t so feeble,
maybe I could have spotted her among that crowd of people.

If I die alone,
I’ll put all the blame on myself.
For I didn’t put in any effort.
I kept my heart there on the shelf.

In poems are my deepest feelings,
but I keep them hidden away,
as if I’m waiting for the perfect moment,
my only sunny day.

But that sunny day won’t come if I don’t allow it to.
I need to open my mind to the thought of you,
the one who tells the truth.

Will all this bitterness inside me turn out to be my demise?
Should I show her my soul,
without this protective disguise?

It might sting at first,
but it will be better in the long run.
Just to be free,
to have to hide from no one.

I’ve been given many chances,
yet I’ve discarded all of them.
I ended up looking down on those ones,
and passing judgement.

So I guess I’m doomed to live this life in solitude,
but that’s all right with me.
Hopefully when I do finally pass,
someone will hold on to these.
These depressing little pieces of art,
that are tiny portions of my heart.

As long as somebody takes something from what I’ve written,
I’ll rest in peace.
As long as my poetry outlives me,
and I’m not remembered for my deeds.

My body is the calmest it’s ever been,
like floating on the sea when there’s no wind,
and I’m slowly, peacefully falling asleep,
realizing I won’t wake up again.
Yes, my life wasn’t some kind of fairy tale,
but then again, whose is?

I pursued everything I had a passion for,
and that made me content.
The only thing missing was You,
for I never took the time to repent.
Lord, I pray for the first time in my life,
come and be my Savior,
my everything.

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