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I could sit here for hours,
struggling to write a poem that’s deep and great,
but today I want to compose something
to which people can relate.

If I write about love,
do I have to describe it
in words not often used?
Is it ever sufficient
to simply say I care about you?

When a line is needed,
what’s the difference
if in the end it has the same effect?
I might compare you to something in nature,
but can’t I just tell you
I think you’re perfect?

Sometimes we get so caught up in the details
that we forget about love itself.
That’s when we lose what’s most important,
and end up by ourselves.

So let it be enough when I express my love
in the simplest of terms,
and prove how much I cherish you
through actions,
rather than colorful words.

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Painful is a broken heart,
but not as much as one that’s torn apart.

How can I keep moving when
I’ve lost what I’d been counting on?
How could I have seen
something there and been so wrong?

My thoughts were foolish,
that much I can be sure of.
Why did I think this was
some kind of plan from up above?

My eyes were blinded
by what I wanted most,
and now that I can see,
I have nowhere to go.

I’ll wait forever,
even if I end up dying alone,
because no one else
is worth my time and love.

That might sound conceited,
but it doesn’t stem from pride
that I should only be able to envision
a particular one as my future wife.

She’s the girl I see
in all of my dreams,
and I hope that someday
our feelings will be the same.

Either mine like hers
or hers like mine,
because it doesn’t work
if we’re not of one mind.

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You’re a dream come true.
You’re an answered prayer.
You leave me wordless.
All I can do is stare.

I never thought you’d see something in me,
yet it all fell into place.
You were the missing piece,
waiting at the end of this chase.

You’re permanently etched into my thoughts.
Your image will never be erased.
The battle of love has been fought,
while a war for your heart was waged.

Out of all the ones you could have chosen,
you picked me out of the crowd.
You built me up higher than I’d ever been,
until true love was found.

Every moment with you is cherished.
I hope I made that clear
when I leaned in close to you,
and whispered in your ear.

Who could have guessed
it would be us in the end?
I’m glad we’ve become
something more than simply friends.

With all the similarities,
I suppose I should have seen it coming,
but I just never imagined
that someone like you could love me.

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