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I’ve had enough of disappointment
rearing its ugly head.
I’m sick of misinterpreting
everything you’ve said.

Lately I’ve been wishing death upon myself.
It’d certainly be better than living in this hell.

My worries may be small,
but they’ve built up
over the course of time.
They’ve gathered and formed a mountain
I don’t think I’ll ever climb.

So few years, yet so much pain.
Never sun, but always rain.

Where is God in all of this?
It seems He doesn’t care.
I look up to the heavens,
only finding a blank stare.

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As night drifts off to sleep,
daylight begins to emerge.
The sun comes up,
partially hidden behind
a veil of clouds,
while morning is made known
by the singing of birds.

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Lost in a frigid wilderness,
his skin is the palest of blue.
In this cold and lonely place,
his bones are frozen through.

The warmth of a friendship
is nowhere to be found.
Tears run down his cheek,
and he cries without a sound.

The fire that was once his soul
is steadily dwindling away.
Without another to keep it burning,
a price will have to be paid.

He prays for an exit.
He pleads for it all to end.
He asks for a comfortable spot
to rest his worrying head.

The moon looks down on him,
shivering amongst the trees.
She wishes she could help,
that there was some way to bring relief.

He comes to terms with
the fact he’ll never make it,
so he tries to fall asleep
with only snow for a blanket.

His only hope now is some kind of rebirth,
or an ascension from this terrible earth.

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Good morning, bright and cloudless sky.
What will the day bring by way of your shining light?
Will it lead to something never seen before,
or a distraction that should only be ignored?

Uncertainty can be an uncomfortable acquaintance,
but it’s much more interesting than what’s expected.
An existence lived in the ease of knowing one’s entire life
is an existence where the soul has already died.

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