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Words, so simple, yet so powerful,
bringing out emotions long hidden.
Words, expressing everything imaginable,
whether spoken or written.

They can break a heart and heal a soul.
They can be bright and colorful,
or depressing and dull.

Words can lead to life and death
at the exact same time.
Words might be awkward
or fit comfortably into rhyming lines.

They can be exactly what a person
needs to hear from a friend.
They will make you believe in things
without understanding what was meant.

Words can connect two people who are far apart,
and separate lovers without leaving a scar.

They’ll shoot you down as quickly as they build you up.
They’ll change the way you think, look, and act on the spot.

Words, I can’t seem to use them in an effective way.
I always keep quiet, and end up biting my tongue.
So you’ll never hear what I was going to say,
because everything I have to tell you feels wrong.

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Meant to Stay

A broken world.
A God who heals.
Love gives back
what hatred steals.

Pain can take you to places far away,
but in the end He’ll lead you
to where you’re meant to stay.

When doubt tries to drown us
like a wild current,
He’s there to guide us
back to the surface.

He’s strength for the weak.
He’s courage for the faint-hearted.
His light shines on those
who are stumbling in darkness.

In His presence I’ll bow, amazed,
and praise Him for the rest of my days.

His love is overflowing.
It satisfies beyond compare.
Lord, my wonderful Savior,
fill my mind with thoughts that are pure.

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Sample #8

so simple,
yet so powerful,
bringing out emotions long hidden.
expressing everything imaginable;
endless possibilities,
whether spoken or written.

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Sample #7

Keep me honest when I’ve become a liar,
bring me low when arrogance overtakes who I am,
save me from my selfish wants and desires,
and love me whenever you can.

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Sample #6

My heart is tossed to and fro on the waves of your changing mind.
Though you can’t decide,
I find myself falling in love even more.
I could very well be bound to forever stay in this confusing tide,
but hope doesn’t leave me because my eyes are set on the warm,
sandy shore.

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Sample #5

Tragedy can strike in the blink of an eye,
so I’ll make the most of the joyous times;
for in a moment I could easily be the one who dies,
the clip in the news instead of the mourner who cries.

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Sample #4

She holds herself together each and every day.
The things she’s experienced don’t show on the surface;
she says it’s all in the past,
and that those moments served a purpose.

Her strength is something to be admired.
I wonder if she knows she’s a rarity.
She’s treaded paths of fire,
yet never lost her sincerity.

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Sample #3

Flowers bloom the moment she appears.
They thrive in her beautiful light
because warmth is finally near.

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Sample #2

Do we lose a bit of ourselves when we love another?
Does constant hurt lead us to shut out each and every potential lover?

Have our hearts become as cold as ice?
Does it matter that there’s no empathy to be found?
Are we a product of the pain we’ve suffered,
or can the little love we’ve received form a solid ground?

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Sample #1

The narrow road of love is a path worth treading.
The trials may be difficult,
but the rewards are many.

She’s the woman I fight for each and every day.
Nothing will ever take my love for her away.

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