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Potential Romance

I can’t be sure if it was luck or fate that initiated this chance,
but I’m feeling more than optimistic about a potential romance.

We seem to get along very well,
but I don’t want to rush into anything.
That’s why I’m glad we can get to know each other,
that we were handed such a great opportunity.

You’re lovely beyond compare,
with your pretty eyes and beautiful hair.
Your laugh has become my favorite sound,
and I’m already getting used to having you around.

I say a prayer each night about the possibility of us,
that God would guide me in approaching the situation in the right way.
The last thing I’d want to do is mess everything up;
it would hurt to lose our friendship over one of my mistakes.

I’ll fervently try my best to be as perfect as I can,
because I’m not about to let this slip through my fingers like sand.

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You’re my inspiration.

You’re the reason I’m living,
my motivation for writing,
the cause of my breathing.

Any good thing I do is only because of You.
Before I accepted Your love,
sin was my main pursuit.

You raised me from the dead,
while erasing every blemish and bruise.
You gave me a new body,
and made me feel like I had something to lose.

I love You with all my heart.
Without Your grace,
I would never have been given a fresh start.

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Unequally Yoked

She’s falling in love,
but he doesn’t share her faith.
He says all the right things,
and is kind in every way.

She’s tempted to say yes
because he’s the only one
who makes her feel like she isn’t second best.
He treats her like a queen,
and gets rid of her insecurities.

She’s a beautiful woman,
but she’s full of doubt;
always the friend,
never one to ask out.

He’s an ideal gentleman,
a rarity indeed;
the sort of person
who can sweep a girl off her feet.

She’s a perfect lady,
yet no one except him has noticed.
Others are looking for what’s easy,
while anything meaningful is missed.

So she’ll give it a chance,
despite the difference in beliefs.
What they’ve established
may not even be real,
but at the moment
she can’t help how she feels.

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I’m a delicate being,
light as a feather,
so easily bruised.

I am a defenseless leaf blowing in the breeze,
destined to go wherever it decides to take me.

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The time clicks by and I’m holding fast
to the memories of you now long passed.
The point to move on seems to be right now,
but all I can do is stand here and wonder how.

With everything we had,
with all the things we lost,
the pain it has caused comes with a high cost.
It’s taken a toll;
I can’t handle it all,
and I’m counting down the seconds to when I’ll fall.

I break down and cry,
then I pray to You.
My heavenly Father,
tell me what to do.

Just give me a sign,
anything at all.
Before I can walk,
You must teach me how to crawl.

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I can’t keep that haunting memory at bay.
I would have done something different
had there been any other way.

He was just as scared as I was.
I could see the fear in his eyes.
Right before my shots were fired,
and seconds before he died.

Why do we do the things we do,
when life’s already much too short?
Why do we send people to distant lands
to fight in unjust wars?

Why do we invade their countries
and burn their cities to the ground?
We tell others how to run their lives,
as if it’s king of the world we’re crowned.

It’s strange to consider,
but that man and I could have been friends.
Instead we were forced against each other
because of our conflicting governments.

One of us had to perish in the fight,
and that time it was him.
It’s terrifying seeing death up close,
and witnessing luck worn so thin.

I’m still alive as of tonight,
but tomorrow that could change.
I’ll say a prayer to my Lord above,
for the one I killed, and for another day.

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I wake up before morning has the chance to arrive,
wondering what to make of the dream I’ve had many times.

The images leave me in a state of unease,
those creatures that I’m forced to see.

This nightmare makes me feel like there’s something wrong with my head.
Why does my subconscious pull out such strange things while I lie in bed?

I used to sleep to escape my fears,
but now it doesn’t matter if I’m there or here.

Maybe it’s worry conjuring up these pictures I find,
or it could be the guilt that I’ve tried to hide.

There’s so much fighting inside my mind,
and peace will not come until the moment I die.

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Skin covered with frost,
veins cold as ice.
The moon rises slowly,
the first sign of night.

A gray shadow descends,
covering their crooked smiles.
There wasn’t a way to recognize the deceit;
my vision was blurry from walking so many miles.

They took me in,
made it feel like home.
Until I became one of them,
I couldn’t have known.

We steal from kings,
we take from thieves.
Though I know it’s wrong,
I don’t have the option to leave.
If I try to escape,
they will certainly kill me.

So this is my existence;
an honest man now living a dishonest life.
It’s not the road I planned to travel,
but choices aren’t always black and white.

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I’m Not

I’m not clay you can shape to your liking,
I’m not some pawn who will blindly take orders,
I’m not a helpless puppet on a string,
and I’m not one to follow the paths of others.

I’m still searching for answers,
sifting through all my thoughts.
I don’t know who I am,
but I know who I’m not.

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Upside Down

It’s another depressing day,
and the sky is crying.
While devils continue living,
angels are rapidly dying.

The world has been turned upside down.
What’s pure is considered wrong,
filth is accepted,
and our common sense is close to being gone.

How long will it be until He returns?
No living thing on this planet knows when.
What seems like a century to us is only tomorrow for Him.

Since it’s by His saving grace that all our debt is paid,
the urgency of what we’ve been put on this earth to accomplish is great.
We need to try our best to revive the spiritually dead.
We have to influence a relationship with the One who gave us breath.

For if they choose to deny Him,
where will redemption be obtained?
If they attempt to rescue themselves,
their efforts will surely be in vain.

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