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The End

Stars violently hit dry ground,
falling in great numbers.
It’s happened once before,
but nobody remembers.

Lightning is coming from the ocean,
and planets are orbiting dangerously closer.
The moon has been crumbling away,
while the sun is freezing over.

Every blade of grass has died.
Not a single one remains.
The sky is a sheet of cloud,
though it hasn’t rained in many days.

Birds don’t sing anymore.
Trees are starting to melt.
Flowers have lost all color.
Tranquility is no longer felt.

People are opening their eyes,
giving up on trying to hide the fear.
They’ve abandoned comforting lies,
for the end is finally here.

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This isn’t her idea of home.
She feels as though she’s an alien here.
But she wouldn’t want to belong
on a planet revolving ’round a mirror.

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It seemed as though there were special conversations between you and me,
but I’ve now come to the conclusion they were only empty words.
How could I have been foolish enough to believe you,
especially when the things you were saying were obviously absurd?

Your supposed feelings were as fake as the way you expressed them,
yet I was blinded by the hope that something was finally working out.
Desperation can get to a person who’s always clinging to air,
and I thought I’d reach the goal even though I was following a questionable route.

I’m upset with myself for ruining a great opportunity because of impatience.
Your shallow attempts at sincerity couldn’t have left me more distracted.
She and I were on our way to being perfectly knit together,
but instead I fell for availability that was much too attractive.

I chose what was easy over what I knew deep down was right.
Weakness led me to surrender without even putting up a fight.
I am utterly ashamed of the horrible bed I’ve made,
and now I’m forced to lie without her for the rest of my days.

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Your eyes are pure waters that sweep me away.
Your hair is a flame that sets my heart on fire.
Your laughter pours sunlight on the grayest of days.
Your presence fulfills my every desire.

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There was no sin when You created the world,
but it didn’t take long for that to change.
Our flesh was pure when humans were made,
but now we’re all just clothed in shame.

Thank You for Your Son,
and the suffering He endured for our sake.
If it wasn’t for Your incredible mercy,
each one of us would be a hopeless case.

I surrender everything, Lord.
I’m giving my life to You.
Use me for Your marvelous work.
Cleanse my soul and make it brand new.

I’ll fix my eyes upon the cross,
a reminder of grace I don’t deserve.
Whenever I’m feeling hesitant on this path,
You’re there to guide me around every curve.

I’ll always love You,
for You’ve set my body free.
It’s a simple statement,
but it means so much to me.

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The Drifter

He’s searching for a place to call home,
somewhere solid enough to stand.
It’s been a lifetime since they’ve cared,
and nobody’s reached out a loving hand.

From the day of his birth,
loneliness was a familiar feeling.
He’d look inside his heart,
only to find it hollow and bleeding.

He’s a traveler of wastelands,
a drifter without a name.
He arrives at a location,
then wonders why he came.

Nothing is ever there,
no pearl to make the trip worthwhile.
Turning his back on another disappointment,
he departs to journey more arduous miles.

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How do you know if you truly love someone?
The proof is in the putting up with their flaws.
If you can’t accept the bad as well as the good,
then it really isn’t love at all.

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