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Your hand doesn’t feel warm like it used to,
and I’m shivering as I let go.
I don’t want to give a thought to the meaning of it,
if only for the sake of preserving my thread of hope.

Is the light above us dimming?
Please tell me what you’re thinking.
Are we still swimming in affection,
or are we only sinking?

Your smile has lost some of its shine,
and maybe I’m to blame.
I don’t claim to be perfect.
I know I’ve made a lot of mistakes.

Does the negative outweigh the positive?
Should I be worried about what tomorrow hides?
Are you planning an exit strategy?
Have I made you cry too many times?

You should know I’ve never hurt you intentionally,
but I realize that probably isn’t enough.
It’d be easy for you to find someone better,
so I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve fallen out of love.


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Color Blind

It’s all in black and white;
no color can be seen.
Something’s either wrong or right;
there is no in between.

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I’m deeply in love with you.
Can’t you see me reaching?
I want to be the man who holds you,
the one who gets to feel your breathing.

I already know what you’re thinking at the moment,
though I hope in time that might change.
Your expression when you look my way tells me more than words could say.

What else can I do?
I’ve earnestly tried my best.
It’s hopeless and tiring;
time to put the idea of us to rest.

My confidence is shattered.
Have you noticed the pieces scattered on the floor?
I’ve been bruised, stung, and battered,
but those things don’t come close to the ache of being ignored.

I’ll sweep myself into a corner and wait,
should you decide to make a move.
I won’t ever bother you again.
I’m through with this vain pursuit.

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All I feel is apathy.
I only want to sleep.
I’m tired of reality.
Can’t I live inside my dreams?

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Holy Father,
my soul is contrite.
I know I’ve sinned and strayed from what’s right.

I can never be perfect,
that much is sure;
but I ask that You’d provide a cure.
A remedy for this incessant wickedness,
a map to navigate this forsaken wilderness.

Hold me close in Your loving arms,
and keep me far from every harm.

Your presence is where I’ll always belong.
For You I’ll sing an everlasting song.

I understand my actions don’t reflect these words,
so I pray You’d make a change in my heart.
Help me to become the man You intended,
as each sunrise brings a brand new start.

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Heaven knows I don’t belong here.
This world is only temporary;
a bridge to somewhere better,
to a place of rest for the weary.

One day I’ll be in His arms,
even though I don’t deserve it.
He welcomes all who love Him,
who have admitted they’re imperfect.

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She holds herself together with flawless continuity.
The things she’s experienced don’t show on the surface;
she says it’s all a part of His plan for her life,
and that each of those moments served a purpose.

Her strength is something to be admired.
I wonder if she knows she’s a rarity.
She treaded paths of fire,
yet never lost her sincerity.

She took on hardship with impeccable courage,
positive frame of mind still intact.
She wouldn’t let the sickness overwhelm her body,
or allow harsh treatments to hold her back.

An inspiration to the people fortunate enough to know her,
she’s everything that is lovely and pure.

Like a thriving flower in the middle of a desert,
she’s the perfect example of how faith,
rather than circumstance,
determines who we are at the end of the day.

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