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Lying under the blue,
next to where you’re placed.
Peering into the clouds,
I’m positive I see your face.

You were too young.
I can’t make sense of it.
Why did death steal one so innocent?

Nobody had the chance to watch you grow up.
The earth was a momentary pause before your ascension.
Alexandra, you’re the most beautiful of angels.
Maybe that’s the reason it was early when God welcomed you into heaven.

A lot of time has gone by since you passed away,
yet the empty feeling of loss is still fresh,
and I know it isn’t going to completely fade.

I’m having difficulty writing something like this,
though I hope it’s good enough to put a smile on your lips.
I realize words won’t come close to doing you justice,
but my wish is that they’d at least prove how much you’re missed.

I promise you’ll always have a piece of my heart.
I’ll never forget you.
We aren’t truly apart.

I don’t have flowers to put on your grave,
so I’ll plant a dozen kisses instead.
I love you more than any poem can convey,
and I’m certain that someday we’ll meet once again.

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There’s a wall between us,
made up of lies and distrust.
If we’re going to survive,
we’ll have to turn it to dust.

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Narrow Road

This narrow road of love is a path worth treading.
The trials may be difficult,
but the rewards are many.

When a situation gets tough,
don’t run the other way.
Meet the issue where it stands,
and with effort it will slowly fade.

Set your sights on where you want to be,
while keeping the goal in constant prayer.
If it’s a part of God’s plan,
He’ll eventually lead you there.

Following Him is never a mistake,
so passionately strive to seek out His will.
Don’t travel a route designed by selfish desire,
for you’ll surely be bound to fail.

Though doubt and worry will at times consume you,
always give your burdens over to the Lord above.
He cares for you more than any other,
and will be your guide on this narrow road of love.

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You send warm shivers down my spine.
I love the feeling,
and I wish you could be mine.

I’m drawn in by you,
but I can’t get too close.
For I’m alive,
and you’re a ghost.

The moment I take your hand,
you’ll disappear.
This could never last;
not as long as you’re there,
and I’m here.

One day time will finally be on our side.
Everything is going to neatly come together,
and we’ll make it work because our realities coincide.

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