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I look in the mirror,
shocked at what’s behind the glass.
Bloodshot eyes the deepest shade of red.
Vision fading and ever closer to death.

My time is coming quickly;
I can’t deny the fact.
Once there was so much pleasure ahead,
but now there’s only looking back.

A past darker than the ocean depths.
A life lived only for the purpose of fulfilling egocentric desires.
This existence won’t be remembered;
my memory will fade with all the other liars.

Years later,
in a cemetery far away,
a thousand weeds have covered
the stone which bears my name.

Not one visitor has crossed my path
since I made it to the other side.
Nobody cares,
because I never even tried.

It’s a lonely plot of ground
where they laid me down to sleep.
Maybe if I’d put in effort,
I would now see love returned to me.

I deserve every restless night,
and the realization makes me weep.
Bound to aimlessly wander,
forever the lost sheep.

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I can feel the tension in the air.
See the fake smiles and scathing stares.

I don’t belong here.
I’m bigger than this place.
So tired of pretending;
have to run away.

It’s been holding me down;
crushing every dream I own.
It drains away all that it can,
then leaves me anxious and alone.

I’ve had enough;
this has to end.
I can’t stay in a situation
where nobody’s a friend.

I’ll choose an exit
and let God lead me out.
That He will provide,
I have no doubt.

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Desperate and forsaken,
empty and cold.
Nothing hurts me more
than our story untold.

We never had a chance;
it wasn’t yet a possibility.
Time didn’t take our side,
and muck fogged up all clarity.

Moisture drips from my eyes;
I can’t hide how I feel.
It’s not much of a disguise
if everything’s revealed.

Separate paths tore us apart.
I know we won’t meet again.
Though maybe when our dreams collide,
in that moment we’ll be friends.

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