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Little seedling,
how beautifully you’ve grown.
You flourished despite having roots of stone.

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Pulled by the Lord,
but influenced by the crowds.
I can hear Him speaking,
though the words are drowned out.

I’m sure of His existence,
yet I don’t believe He cares.
If He truly did,
my prayers wouldn’t fall on deaf ears.

I’ve become part of this world.
It’s too late for my salvation.
Giving up on faith,
I’m a product of impatience.

He’s provided me with a life,
yet it’s one without purpose,
and I’d rather be struck down
than bear the burden of being worthless.

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What do you need?
Who is it you want to be?
When you look in the mirror,
are you happy with the image your eyes perceive?

You walk a thin wire in between safety and disappointment,
letting fear keep you from taking chances.
But if you allow it to hold you down,
you’ll never better your circumstances.

With a light breeze in your hair
and the sun in your smile,
I can’t imagine a woman more beautiful
or worth my while.

You’ll succeed in anything you try.
Know that I support you in every pursuit.
I’m not just saying that because I love you;
I’m only telling the truth.

When you need arms to hold you,
mine will always be open.
During the moments you’re hurting,
I’ll try my best to mend what’s broken.

I won’t leave when difficulties arise
or wound your gentle heart.
I can’t picture life without our fingers entwined.
We’ve been through so much,
and have come too far.

Erase each doubt the mind has etched into your skin.
There’s no reason to be insecure;
stop sinking and begin to confidently swim.

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You’re not ready to give us a chance,
so patiently I’ll wait.
If you ever decide you want to,
I’ll be here in the same place.

I’m committed to the possibility of you,
and will do whatever it takes to prove to you how much I care.
The long road to your heart might lead to a dead end,
but I can’t know for certain until I try to get there.

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The hole in my chest you left behind hurts like hell,
but clearly you don’t mind.
The reflection in the mirror looks strangely familiar,
though the scars I see couldn’t possibly be mine.

What will it take to get rid of this pain?
If I cut at my skin,
will discomfort bleed away?

Never before has a person taken so much out of my life.
Every day is an emotional war,
and there’s no longer any strength left in me to fight.

When my love washed up on the shore,
you threw it back out to sea.
I was longing for acceptance;
instead you chose to reject me.

I thought we’d been building a solid foundation,
but then your words came like bullets that struck at the core.
The resulting shock left me nauseous and dizzy,
and I can’t tell the difference between ceiling and floor.

Is there anybody who cares?
Is there a reason to go on?
I’ve heard that God is always present,
but it seems as if He’s gone.

I’m confused about what to believe;
it’s not easy deciding where I stand.
On the one hand I want to put my faith in Him,
on the other I’d rather just give in and be damned.

Will I end up in the clouds,
or be cast into a fiery pit?
In a second I’ll find out,
as metal reaches wrist.

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I swear I saw this coming,
but the reality of it has yet to sink in.
I could read it in the way she was talking,
could tell what she was thinking.

While it was happening,
I didn’t have a clue as to what I should say.
The only thing that I could do
was watch her walk away.

I pray for the strength
to not break down,
though once emotions hit,
they’ll knock me to the ground.

I’ll never find another one like her,
not if I search for endless years.
The thought of this is like a punch in the gut,
and now my eyes have become a fountain of tears.

There’s hope in the fact we’re going to stay friends.
How could I avoid somebody I respect and love?
Even if there isn’t a chance we’ll be anything more,
I have to make being in her presence enough.

At the moment I’m not able to feel anything but pain,
and can’t be sure if it will ever completely fade.
Maybe in the future I’ll pick up the shards of this broken heart of mine,
but for now the best I can do is sit here in solitude and cry.

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we’ve had a most disagreeable beginning.
Under your watch somebody stole my car,
while my heart was broken by the girl I’m seeing.

Though my birthday is almost here,
it couldn’t be less exciting.
Call me crazy,
but I can’t figure out what’s so great about being
one year closer to dying.

let’s get our relationship straight.
I hate your unpredictability,
never knowing if the sun will shine or if it’ll rain.

Make up your mind.
How hard can it honestly be?
Are you going to try and love me this time,
or settle once again for hating me?

I’ve had my fill of pain and sorrow,
yet I know you’ll be bringing even more tomorrow.
Twenty-nine long days until you have to go,
and I’m already looking forward to starting over in October.

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