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Sitting here in silence,
we’ve run out of things to say.
If I get lost in those blue eyes,
will your heartbeat lead the way?

The clock is telling me I should leave,
but your smile is saying something else.
Maybe I’ll hold you just a little longer;
maybe into the warmth of your body I’ll melt.

When our fingers are intertwined,
I know you’re where I belong.
When I hear your angelic voice,
it’s better than any song.

You’ve fallen asleep in my arms;
I can feel your gentle breathing.
Nothing is as lovely as who you are;
you’re the only one I’ll be needing.

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Beauty in the Waiting

Passion comes from suffering.
There’s beauty in the waiting.
Timing is in the hands of God.
Faith is seeking what He’s saying.

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I’m a reckless weapon.
Don’t let me wander freely.
I kill without a thought,
for I can’t feel sympathy.

I’ll slip into town at dusk,
then strike as they begin to dream.
Nothing is more satisfying than
the sound of their piercing screams.

Some may try to run,
but they won’t get very far.
I’ll swiftly chase them down
and remove their bleeding hearts.

The stream runs thick and red
as I accomplish my only goal.
Until not a single breath remains,
and death cakes the ground like snow.

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The Day We Met

I was never able to write about love until the day we met.
I didn’t know what it meant, it was something I hadn’t felt.
I’d jot down lines that sounded so fake.
I had no idea what I was trying to say.

Then you came into my life and it all made sense.
It was like opening my eyes to a whole new world.
I never thought my universe could be changed by one girl.
You caused an earthquake, the walls came crashing down,
and I noticed your smile had warmed me all around.

A mountain couldn’t top how high you make me feel.
In a place full of exaggeration, you’re the only one who’s real.
An ocean couldn’t quench the thirst I have for your company.
Even if we last a lifetime, that still won’t be enough for me.

With our bodies on the sand, and the sky above a perfect blue,
I know we could accomplish anything we set out to do.

Life is a big opportunity broken down into smaller ones.
We’ve been blessed with breath, so let’s take what we have and run,
before the stars arrive with the going down of the sun.

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Regardless of whether the choices you make
end up being the right decisions or mistakes,
each one is an opportunity to grow,
so in every situation give Him thanks.

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Over Her

I’m not turning back again;
there isn’t anything to gain.
To be over her feels strange,
though it’s freeing all the same.

I loved her dearly,
but it wasn’t to be,
and now she’s just a faded memory.

Holding on was only hurting me.
I used to lie in bed for weeks on end.
Now that I’ve let it go,
I can finally look ahead.

No more allowing myself to be defined by loss.
It’s a brand new day, and the sun is out.
Clouds have been replaced by blue,
and newfound confidence has vanquished doubt.

I don’t know where the future will take me,
though I’ll do my best to make a better impression.
This will be the last time I think about her,
then I’m on my way out of unreasonable depression.

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You are my armor,
the only solid defense against sin.
I might stumble downward,
but You’re there to help me up again.

Traps have been set,
though You uncover each and every one.
With You by my side,
I never have to anxiously run.

Let the storm clouds come in,
let rain pour down like tears.
You conquered death itself,
You always persevere.

You’re the perfect example;
I will do my best to follow.
Teach me to have faith, Lord,
to be stronger for tomorrow.

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The sun comes out when I see your face.
My heart skips a beat when our lips meet.
I can only hope I make you feel the same,
because there isn’t anyone else who understands me.

We hold hands in this venture called love,
with its ups and its downs,
and there’s no turning around.

We’ve gone so far.
Oh look how we’ve grown.
We’re reaping this great joy
from the seeds we have sown.

With time on our side,
we cannot fail.
Others have tried to destroy us in the past,
but to no avail.

We’ve agreed to commit to each other,
through the good times and the difficult.
How our loyalty has conquered all;
surviving criticism, hate, and every insult.

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When I set out on that journey,
I was unprepared for what was in store.
Though I could hear You calling to me,
Your words were stubbornly ignored.

I let the devil steer the ship,
giving in to the path I thought I desired.
I should have known the course he’d laid out
would bring me to an ocean of fire.

I wrestled with him for control,
and somehow I miraculously prevailed.
Though I didn’t realize it during the struggle,
Your strength was the reason I hadn’t failed.

Those stormy seas tossed my faith around,
but You were the beacon I’d been searching for.
I’m guided by Your magnificent light,
and because of You I made it to shore.

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When will I find acceptance?
It’s been hiding far too long.
There isn’t anyone who cares.
Won’t somebody prove me wrong?

I tried showing my affection,
even pleaded for mercy.
They paid me only negative attention,
firing their weapons as they cursed me.

I hurried away into the woods,
where I’d been waiting for many months.
Watching them go about their peaceful lives,
I was naive enough to believe in love.

The monster they see on the surface
is in conflict with what’s inside.
Though my skin is deformed,
they can’t know the beauty of my heart
and the thoughts in my mind.

Curse this wicked existence!
How I wish I’d never been born!
I’m a product of the pain I’ve suffered.
Forced to wander,
continually abhorred.

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