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Down in the garden where we used to lay for hours,
I daydream about how it would be if she returned.
The tears I shed when You told her it was over
left me in a state of faithlessness and hurt.

What seemed like the right direction
turned out to be the cliff’s edge.
If You hadn’t stopped us in our tracks,
we would’ve fallen to our deaths.

I felt as though You were leading me,
telling me to continue on without fear.
Apparently it was only Satan speaking,
whispering the things I wanted to hear.

If I can’t distinguish between his voice and Yours,
how am I supposed to know which rivers to ford?
The water I was in didn’t appear to be wrong,
though clearly You had something else in store.

Lord, I’m not questioning Your will for my life;
I only desire an understanding of what You have planned.
Shape me into the man I’m destined to become,
that I may walk closer to Your guiding hand.

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In the room where the hypocrites gather,
I ponder life and what it could mean.
They’re readying their arrows,
while at the same time preaching peace.

Spies are all around,
though we pretend not to notice.
If they realized what we perceive,
they wouldn’t hesitate to kill us.

Keep your head in the sand.
Knowledge won’t get you anywhere here.
If you saw what happens in secret,
it would only create more fear.

There’s a dove with a broken neck,
yet it continues to fly;
right through an open door,
into that shining light.

Following the bird’s path,
I’m fascinated by its intricacies.
I’ve never witnessed such natural beauty;
the colors envelop me in ecstasy.

I feel my spirit flee my body,
and I’m floating in the midst of
that which is real and mere fantasy.

Clocks have been renounced
and won’t be coming back.
If we live in constant darkness,
what’s the point of keeping track?

The difference between right and wrong is a muddy concept,
and the gap has been closing ever further as of late.
One can’t be sure what sort of future lies ahead,
but it feels like we’ve discarded love and let hate take its place.

What will be required to fix the mess we’re in?
Can we as human beings solve the problems of this world,
or is it simply a matter of Jesus coming once again?

Whatever the solution is,
I pray that it would soon arrive;
before we self-destruct,
and there’s nothing left alive.

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Out to Sea

Let’s carefully build a relationship,
then guide it out to sea.
The rougher the waves we overcome,
the stronger our love will be.

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The sun shines through a dirty window,
shedding light on the mess around me.
The mistakes I’ve made engulf my mind,
and the sight of each stain brings back a memory.

So I’ll burn every bridge they built
because the comfort makes me uneasy.
I need to find a narrower route;
the path to a life with meaning.

If there isn’t a challenge to overcome,
how can I ever expect to improve?
I could sit here in familiarity,
but I’d rather run headfirst into something new.

I’m letting go of the security that mediocrity provides,
and abandoning words like no, won’t, and can’t.
Forgetting the doubt that held me down,
I’ll close my eyes and take a chance.

I’ve been freed from the bonds of conforming to this world,
disregarding what people might say or think concerning me.
I’ll faithfully pray about what God has planned for my future,
knowing He’ll direct me in obtaining the peace that I seek.

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It brings people together for the purpose of hate,
shooting down peace with every breath it takes.

Stealing innocent lives;
giving nothing in return.
Where does the killing stop?
Will we ever learn?

Because of its existence,
she isn’t home for Christmas.
A wife and mother is far away,
and her child’s wish can’t close the distance.

Revenge is seeking out death,
knocking on its door.
The noise it makes is much too great
to simply be ignored.

They never thought they’d be burying their son,
but one valiant decision brought with it his fate.
For the sake of protecting fellow soldiers,
he didn’t hesitate to jump on top of a live grenade.

What happened to diplomacy?
How about words over bullets and bombs?
It’s as though we’re stranded in a world
where everything has gone terribly wrong.

Lord, save us from destroying ourselves.
Let Your love rain upon all in a downpour,
and bless the courageous men and women
who have experienced the horrors of war.

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