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Everything and More

God, I don’t have anything to speak
that hasn’t been said many times before.
There’s nothing original on my mind tonight,
but I want to say that I’m captivated by who You are.

I pray that with this coming year
You would continue to work in my life.
When I think about how far You’ve carried me,
it brings a stream of tears to my eyes.

Where would I be without Your grace?
How could I not strive to live for You?
You came down to break these chains,
and I’m free because of all You do.

May the last words I write this year
glorify Your name, my wonderful Lord.
You are every moment of every day.
You are everything and more.

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Always Know

I could breathe just fine without you.
I’d somehow move on if you let me go.
But darling believe me when I say
you’re the girl I want to always know.

If it were only up to me,
we would be husband and wife.
Should you decide it’s what you desire,
I’m offering you the rest of my life.

I can handle frank rejection,
though I can’t endure these games.
I’m tired of the confusion;
you pull me in and then you push me away.

I’ve made it clear how I feel.
Take me in your arms or leave me by myself.
If you think I’m worth your commitment,
please deliver me from this emotional hell.

I’ve made up my mind.
It’s time to make up yours.
What’s the point of continuing down this road
if it’ll never lead to something more?

I don’t mean to sound impatient,
but I need to find out where we stand.
When you consider the future,
do I fit in with your plans?

I adore you with all of my heart.
That’s why it hurts when you hide the truth.
If you come to the conclusion that you love me as well,
I promise to spend my existence proving my devotion to you.

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I remember growing up with her,
and the way our laughter would never cease.
It didn’t matter that I was shy;
she had a way of making me feel at ease.

Many days were spent together
in the park on that rusty set of swings,
discussing what we wanted to become;
our hopes, our worries, what the future might bring.

We were inseparable until high school,
when she began finding new friends.
We would still talk to each other,
yet I realized what we’d once shared was coming to an end.

When I’d ask about her addiction,
she’d sweep the subject under the rug.
I think she knew how ill she was,
yet she couldn’t give up her drug.

She attempted to conceal the marks and scars,
but they were there for everyone to see.
People tried to help her out of the hole she’d dug,
though by then she was already in too deep.

She used to be a lovely girl,
but she was influenced by the darkness in the world.
It took a human being so pure,
and gave her more than the body can endure.

Now she lives on in each of our hearts,
a mere ghost of what we can only hope to keep.
Every night before falling into restless sleep,
I pray that her soul is finally at peace.

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Your First Breath

Jesus, You were born so we could live.
You would later die to take away our debt.
Hope spread throughout the world
from the moment of Your first breath.

Your birth would bring an end to death.
It’s incredible to think about such great love.
Lord, I don’t need any gifts for Christmas.
The salvation You gave will always be enough.

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I’ve been blessed with a curse,
one that leaves me tranquil and alone.
Others might think it a dismal situation,
but solitude is a comfortable home.

Worry doesn’t stir when you’re by yourself.
There’s nothing to complicate the simple things.
I used to believe it’d hurt to lose human contact,
though contentment has rid me of the initial sting.

I won’t be seeing the light of day again,
and the thought of it is somewhat strange.
Yet I’ve been freed from a bitter world
where hate is common and wars are waged.

Without a window to look through,
it’s impossible keeping track of time.
I don’t even remember what they used to call me
back when I was bound by the manacles of life.

I enjoy where I am.
There’s calm in the constant gray.
If I’d stayed in reality,
I might have gone insane.

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We’re all as fragile snowflakes,
unique and beautiful in our own way.
Falling gently to the earth,
looking for somewhere we can stay.

Our lives on this planet are much too short,
with not enough hours in the day.
One moment we’re safe inside the womb,
the next we’re melting away.

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I know I shouldn’t have done it.
Instant gratification led to instant regret.
I wish I could erase all the mistakes
and go back to the moment we met.

Waking up with a clean start,
I would make every attempt to win your heart.
It might not be an easy endeavor,
but you’re more than worth the effort.

I should have given you a chance before;
it was obvious we were a perfect fit.
I was blinded by what I thought I wanted;
a life I didn’t need nor would get.

I’ve recently noticed all the beauty you possess.
It’s not like it wasn’t there in the past;
it’s just that I had my mind on something less.

But it’s too late for these words.
They won’t change how I made you feel.
I’m sorry to have caused you pain,
and I hope that by now you’ve healed.

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Call Me What You’d Like

Call me naive.
Call me what you’d like.
I refuse to believe
the solution is a fight.

How can one go wrong
with empathy and love?
If we show them we care,
it might just be enough.

Hate will burn down the few
bridges we’ve tried to build.
The only thing that will remain
is the divisive pain of guilt.

Let compassion rule our hearts.
Give in to unity and peace.
Our credibility is destroyed
when we only do as we please.

Hold fast to the hope our Savior brings.
He’ll return when the time is right.
The environment we’ve created is far from perfect,
but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try.

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Forever Saved

Your beauty is like no other.
Your warmth keeps me content.
Though I continually sin,
Your forgiveness doesn’t end.

When the world influences my pursuits,
You’re always there to talk to.
You sort through my hopes and fears,
then refresh my heart anew.

You’re the green in the grass;
the sun shining in the sky.
You’re the reason I breathe;
the purpose of this life.

When I don’t know where to turn,
Your steady hand guides me.
When I’m lost in temptation,
You’re faithful to find me.

I’m an infant crawling toward Your grace.
If it wasn’t for the strength You provide,
I would have withdrawn from the race,
and because of Your love I am forever saved.

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Same Earth

Each one of us is His creation,
lovely and full of worth.
Though we have our differences,
we’ve all been blessed with the same earth.

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