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Never Be Mine

You’re who I constantly think about.
I can’t keep you out of my mind.
You’re the girl I’ll always love,
though you’ll never be mine.

I captured your heart for a moment,
but it was too good to be true.
It was something that wouldn’t last.
I should have realized it’d end so soon.

Maybe I’m not wealthy.
I know I’m not very funny.
I wish I was good-looking,
but some of us just aren’t that lucky.

When I dream of you at night,
reality is bent to my liking.
We’re together once again,
and there’s no reason for crying.

Then I wake up and it’s back
to the usual hollowness and pain.
Other people I easily got over,
yet I can’t forget your name.

I wasn’t able to prove how much I cared,
or at least you didn’t give me the time required to do so.
I should have seen that commitment wasn’t there
as you pulled out the roots before we had the chance to grow.

I have one last thing to say;
it’s a question you may not want to hear.
What was leading you to break up with me?
The voice of God or fear?

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Skepticism has been weighing me down;
the load is too much to carry.
If I continue up that hill,
I’ll end up alone and weary.

I’d love to wait around while you
decide if you don’t want this,
but I need to release the past
because it’s holding my future hostage.

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You’re trying to save what’s left of my soul,
telling me the good news.
As if you’re going to rescue me from my fall
by tossing down a noose.

It’s already too late.
The damage has been done.
There’s nothing you can say
that will make me put away my gun.

I’m surrounded by impenetrable walls,
locked in a prison of my own design.
You have the best of intentions,
but it’s impossible to turn back time.

The eyes of a thousand strangers
are peering in from that glass ceiling.
They judge me for every wrong turn,
yet they don’t see their own failings.

I realized a long time ago
that the only way out is death.
That if I am to truly live,
I have to go on without breath.

So I’ll pull the trigger
while I still have a chance.
Before they take away my right
to play a part in this deadly romance.

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