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Young Love

Sitting by the lake,
just talking about their days,
he pulls out a ring
and takes her breath away.

Young love,
what a beautiful sight to see.
Young love,
as he gets down on one knee.
Young love,
it’s passed every test.
Young love,
as she tells him yes.

Following God’s perfect plan,
walking hand in hand.
Forever joined together,
one woman and one man.

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No Fairy Tale

Silence is healthy once in a while.
It’s natural to get tangled up in misleading speech.
But when the pressures of the world are on your shoulders,
it’s best to simply practice what you preach.

This isn’t some kind of fairy tale.
There’s no happily ever after.
This is real life,
a beautiful disaster.
Good things come slowly,
while trouble comes faster.

So find yourself someplace warm,
and the feeling will do the rest.
Lay your head down on the pillow,
and let those dreams guide your steps.

Voices are telling you to give in to what’s gone,
but your heart is begging you to open your ears and listen.
Contradictions are being shouted from every direction
over the sound of church bells ringing in the distance.

Don’t choose what’s easy over what is just.
Don’t call something love when it’s clearly lust.
Though your thoughts may be a little foggy,
you’ll eventually shake off all that rust.

Nothing will ever be exactly how you’d like.
Perfection is too much to ask of any situation.
The only way to avoid being disappointed
is to get rid of unreasonable expectations.

If you’re clinging tight to what isn’t yours,
in the end it will always escape your grasp.
It’s like trying to hold memories in the palm of your hand,
it’s like trying to answer a question that hasn’t been asked.

When your last breath is nearing,
and that finish line is in sight,
welcome death without hesitation,
for it never loses a fight,
regardless of whether it’s wrong or it’s right.

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When I wake up in the morning,
you’re the first thing I see.
When I fall asleep at night,
you’re my loveliest dream.

When our eyes meet,
it’s impossible to turn away.
When you have to leave,
I long for you to stay.

When I search for inspiration,
thoughts inevitably move toward you.
When originality seems out of reach,
your beauty leads me to somewhere new.

When I think about my future,
you’re always in the picture.
When I consider what I desire,
you’re everything I could wish for.

When I’m in need of kindness,
I don’t have to look far.
When I’m praying on my knees,
I thank God for who you are.

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As we set our eyes upon You in this place,
reveal Your glory to every heart.
Strengthen the ones that are opened,
and soften the ones that aren’t.

Give us faith when times are hard.
Keep our minds focused on Your grace.
You’re the only one who cleanses sin.
Only through You can we be saved.

Jesus, You’re our sole desire.
We need You more than we need breath.
We’d be but dust if it weren’t for Your love.
Who else could have conquered death?

Teach us Your perfect ways.
Guide us as we learn Your Word.
Make us courageous witnesses,
spreading the gospel across the earth.

We sing a song of praise to You,
for all we have is Yours.
Come into our disheveled lives.
Lead us by Your hand forevermore.

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Out of Words

I’m never writing again.
There isn’t any inspiration left for me.
I try to come up with ideas,
but a blank page is all I see.

Love and hate,
peace and war.
What can I talk about
that hasn’t been said before?

It’s time I let go;
this thing has run its course.
There’s no point in continuing
when every line is forced.

Goodbye to life.
Farewell to earth.
I’ve given up.
I’m out of words.

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I didn’t mean to fall for her;
it was something out of my control.
In the past I rarely thought about her,
then all of a sudden my heartstrings were being pulled.

She’s the ideal woman,
well-rounded and full of love.
Tough when she has to be,
yet gentle as a dove.
Grounded in her faith,
a follower of the Lord above.

She’s prettier than the flowers in spring.
She’s purer than the clearest stream.
Words flow like honey from her lips.
She’s the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.

I’m not going to let doubt and worry consume my mind,
for the future is in God’s steady hands.
I realize I might not end up with her,
but I’m hoping that someday I’ll at least get the chance.

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I’m letting go of every worry,
and putting my trust solely in You.
Your plan may not always be clear,
but I have faith Your promises are true.

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Somebody Like You

I ran to the spot where comfort abides.
With my thoughts a tangled mess,
I fell asleep the instant I closed my eyes.

The dreams I had were of her;
I was fooled by love that wasn’t true.
It’s been a long time coming,
but I’ve recovered right on cue.

The state of my emotions was shaky,
with my heart a sickly green.
The false pride I used to carry
kept me from what I should’ve seen.

The insincere smiles around me
led to doubt I couldn’t bear.
I tried to make sense of existence,
and what I found was a vacant stare.

Now that I’m more stable,
things have greatly improved.
My life has been changed by
the arrival of somebody like you.

Only for you am I an open book;
there isn’t any part I’ve kept hidden.
Read my story word for word,
then add your name to the chapters
that have yet to be written.

Will mine be a tale of tragedy
or one with a happy ending?
Regardless of what we become,
you’re a girl I won’t be forgetting.

You’re the angel who watches over me,
the reason I still breathe.
I know you don’t think much of yourself,
but you mean the world to me.

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