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As I walk down this hall for the very last time,
freedom glows ahead like a shining light.
I was never meant to keep these things that aren’t mine,
and I won’t be looking back or saying any goodbyes.

On the outside I’m composed,
on the inside I’m afraid.
This place has become a part of me,
but I realize I can’t stay.

The security I’ve had here is false,
yet I’m still scared to leave it behind.
Though I should have left long ago,
I closed my eyes to obvious signs.

I ignored what He was telling me,
building a future with my own stubborn hands.
I chose comfort over the unknown,
and mediocrity over His greater plans.

A chapter in my story is closing,
but I know He has many more to write.
I’m taking a giant leap of faith,
entrusting God with the rest of my life.

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By Your Love

You promised to lead me.
I promise to follow.
You’ve given me everything.
Without You I’d be hollow.

You pulled me out of turbulent waters.
You breathed life into my flooded lungs.
I was so afraid I was going to drown,
but by Your love death was overcome.

I need to be Your servant.
It’s the reason I’m alive.
I want to tell Your story
until the day I die.

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He wakes up alone.
It’s been pouring the entire night.
The morning sky outside is gray,
and there isn’t a rainbow in sight.

Moisture drips from the ceiling
that he hasn’t had the will to repair.
With everything that’s happened,
he finds he doesn’t care.

He’s just an average man,
working hard to make a modest living.
Monday through Friday he’s a pair of hands,
on the weekends he’s a human being.

He never strived to be famous.
He didn’t pursue great wealth.
All he wanted was a wife and kids,
and a comfortable home in which to dwell.

One phone call took that dream away.
The voice on the other end
told him there’d been an accident,
that there was nothing they could have done
to save the life of his fiancée.

Hit by a drunk driver
who had swerved into her lane.
Apparently she’d died instantly,
so she hadn’t experienced pain.

The wedding invitations that will never be sent
still lie on the dresser next to her
closet full of clothes.
He knows he should empty it out,
but he can’t stand the thought of
getting rid of anything she owned.

People tell him he should move on.
It’s been several years, they say.
She wouldn’t have wanted him to live depressed,
yet he can’t help not being okay.

Her death rattled his reasoning,
slowly grinding his sanity to powder,
and the whispers from the gun under their bed
have recently been getting louder.

It’s calling out his name,
more tempting with each passing hour.
He tries to resist its song,
but eventually his resolve is overpowered.

He takes it from its hiding place,
the key to freedom in his shaky grasp.
He pulls the trigger before he changes his mind,
then hits the floor and breathes his last.

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His Perfect Plan

You’ve been taken advantage of.
You’ve been beaten and bruised.
You wonder how God could let this happen,
and why this world has to be so cruel.

He won’t give you more than you can handle.
He knows how strong you’ve become over the years.
Whenever you’re feeling weak and weary,
hold onto Him, for He’s always near.

He casts out our worries,
He takes away our fears,
He guides us to where we’re meant to be,
and when we pray, He hears.

Everything that has happened,
and everything that will,
is all a part of His perfect plan,
so with His strength be filled.

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On the Line

Turning a blind eye to the fear that strangles my dreams,
I’ve decided to put my heart on the line tonight.
There’s been enough sitting around doing nothing.
I’m tired of waiting for some kind of sign.

It’d be better to feel the punch of rejection
than to bear the torment of never knowing.
I can’t expect to reach the other side of that ocean unless
I have the nerve to pick up these oars and start rowing.

There isn’t an obstacle that could stop me.
For her I’d run countless miles in the rain.
It would be worth everything I have just to ask her
the question that’s been burning inside my brain.

I’m gathering all of my courage.
It’s time to let go of this pride.
Whether the answer’s yes or no,
at least I’ll know I tried.

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In Your Presence

God, in Your presence I wish to abide.
I’m offering You my entire life.
When You look into my heart and mind,
I pray You’d be pleased with what You find.

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You attack me at night.
You haunt me by day.
Just when I think I’ve prevailed,
you take all that I’ve gained.

Like a creeping shadow,
you wait until I’m weak.
You make me see pleasures of earth
as the things that I should seek.

You beat me up.
You knocked me down.
You led me to believe
there wasn’t a way out.

You may have won minor battles,
but I’ll eventually win the war.
I know I’ll be victorious,
for my strength comes from the Lord.

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Way, Truth, Life

He is the way.
His plan will never lead us astray.

He is the truth.
Spreading the gospel should be our main pursuit.

He is the life.
We’ve been forgiven because He loved us enough to die.

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Crush My Dream

I want to take you on a romantic date,
but I know you’re out of my league.
Even if I had the courage to tell you how I feel,
your response would only crush my dream.

It would be nice to make you laugh.
How I’d like to hold your hand.
If I was a better person with better goals,
maybe I’d deserve a chance to be your man.

This is the path I’ve chosen.
These mistakes are mine alone.
I’ll sleep on the floor I’ve laid.
I’ll live and die in my empty home.

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Lord, You’re my only desire.
Engulf me in Your loving fire.
Let the flames lick every wound.
Rekindle faith and take me higher.

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