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One Prayer Away

Wherever our hearts are,
whether it’s night or it’s day,
whenever we seek You,
You’re always one prayer away.

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Worth Fighting For

Nobody said this was going to be easy.
I knew you’d be a challenge I’ve never faced.
You don’t let people in without a battle,
but that doesn’t mean it’s a hopeless chase.

You won’t see a white flag raised in defeat.
I’ve gathered my strength and am prepared for war.
Nothing will cause me to back down or give up
because your love is something worth fighting for.

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Direct Me Back

No matter how many times I doubt You
or forget You’re in control,
You always direct me back with love,
and pour grace upon my soul.

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Come Together

They’re untouchable on their thrones,
while we’re stuck here at the bottom.
Once the success is put in motion,
it’s nearly impossible to stop them.

Shallow and greedy,
it never seems to be enough.
Taking more than what’s needed,
they leave us with none.

While we shiver in the cold,
they’re warm inside their homes.
As we slowly die of hunger,
they tune out our desperate moans.

It’s time for us to fight back.
Complaining won’t bring about change.
We have to come together as one.
If we don’t, things will stay the same.

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Never Far

Creator of the sun, moon, and stars,
how we love everything You are.
With peace and joy You fill our hearts,
and when we call, You’re never far.

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