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In Peace

It hasn’t been the same since you left.
Why did you have to go away?
What made you believe nobody cared?
How many pills did you take that day?

You were like an older brother to me.
I used to look up to you with respect so deep.
Now I’m staring nervously at my feet,
wondering who in the world I’m supposed to be.

I remember the time I was being beaten up
by some bigger kids at school.
You tore them off of me one by one,
and I thought you were so cool.

I followed you everywhere you went,
though you probably saw me as a burden.
I was sure you lived the perfect life,
and had no idea that you were hurting.

I wish I would have paid attention to the signs,
had found a way to get you the help you needed.
The marks on your arms, the bloodshot eyes.
Though they were there, I didn’t even see them.

I hope you realize how much you meant to me,
and that my thoughts of you will never cease.
You were always exceedingly kind to me,
and I pray that you’re resting in peace.

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We’ve planted this seed in the healthiest soil,
and our love will be the water that helps it to grow.
It remains to be seen what will come out of the ground,
though with commitment it could become what we call home.

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God Is Near

I haven’t felt like this
in such a long time.
It’s as if love exists again,
and everything will be fine.

The sun has returned,
the clouds have disappeared,
and the chirping of birds
is the only sound I hear.

In this state
there is no fear.
In my eyes
there are no tears.

Life is wonderful,
and goals are clear.
My faith is strong,
and God is near.

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Supposed to Be

I can’t be sure just yet,
but it seems like I’m heading
in the right direction.
I will not lose my way,
nor cease paying attention.

God, it’s all up to You.
Show me what I should do.
I’m listening to Your voice.
Help me make the best choice.

I don’t trust my heart,
for it’s been wrong too many times.
You’re the only one who knows
where I’m supposed to be in this life.

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A Better Place

I miss seeing your pretty face.
You disappeared without a trace.
I wish you hadn’t had to leave,
though I’ve been told you’re in a better place.

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Where would I be without You, my Savior?
You’re the only one who can look into my heart.
You’re the framework of my existence.
Without Your Spirit I’d fall apart.

You sought me out when I was lost,
and drew me in through Your love.
I’ll never need anything else.
Lord, You’ll always be enough.

Like a page without words,
I’m meaningless if I don’t have You.
Like lungs in desperate need of air,
I’m breathing in Your truths.

I’m not sure what You have planned.
I’m uncertain of where I’m supposed to go.
But I do know You’re forever with me,
through every high, and through every low.

Yet these words I write don’t mean a thing
if I don’t strive to live them out.
What’s the point of talking about Your love
if through my actions I fill others with doubt?

So I pray for the drive to be a better human being.
I desire to lead people to receive Your gift of grace.
It’s the reason I was put on this earth.
It’s the purpose of running this glorious race.

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She never met her father.
He walked out before she was born.
She’d persistently try to contact him,
but her calls were left ignored.

She’d cry until no tears were left,
wondering why he didn’t love her.
How could he abandon her?
How could he leave her mother?

She wasn’t popular in high school,
hadn’t been asked out on one date.
She spent her summers by herself,
watching couples down by the lake.

Then she met this guy.
He made her feel so right.
Little did she know,
he only wanted her for the night.

He told her that he loved her,
but it was just a part of his game.
To get a woman into bed,
he’d tell her anything.

She slipped out of her clothes,
and they started to embrace.
He whispered lies into her ear
that put a smile on her face.

She thought that he was hers to keep,
and in his arms she fell asleep.

When morning arrived,
he wasn’t there.
She reached out for him,
but she only found air.

Regret mixed with loneliness,
and those feelings created despair.
She gave up on existence,
because nobody seemed to care.

Without love to keep hope alive,
her mind eventually became haunted.
She died alone inside her home,
that girl who’d always been unwanted.

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Something Great

I never thought I would do it,
but I found my courage today.
I don’t know where it will lead,
but this could be something great.

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God, Help Me

She’s made herself at home inside my head.
Even when I try to resist the thoughts of her,
there’s a powerful hunger that has to be fed.

Her beauty always knocks me to the floor.
She’s much too lovely to simply ignore.
She draws me in with her charming smile,
hiding the poison that keeps me wanting more.

I don’t know what to do about the mess I’m in.
She’s somebody I can’t handle on my own.
I’m so tired of these meaningless highs and lows.
God, help me in finding the will to let her go.

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He Is Risen

One death brought life to all.
Our Savior suffered and bore our sins.
Up on that cross He paid the price
so we could be in communion with Him.

There’s never been a greater act of love
than our Creator coming down to earth from above.

We’ve been offered a new beginning, a clean slate.
Our King has poured out His infinite grace.

Come and receive the gift He’s given.
Praise His name for He is risen!

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