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I’m an insignificant word scrawled on a crumpled piece of paper,
waiting for the opportunity to become something much greater.

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Sort It All Out

Is this just coincidence
or is it fate?
Could it be another
mistake I’ve yet to make?

I’m not sure if I’m being led by God
or if it’s only my own desire.
It seems like she’s the right one to pursue,
but I don’t want to end up playing with fire.

I had a chance to ask,
but I watched her walk out that door.
She quickly ran to her car
as the rain started to pour.

What are these feelings,
and why am I having them now?
They’ve come at a strange time,
but my gut is telling me I shouldn’t doubt.
I pray the answer soon arrives,
and that God would help me sort it all out.

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By My Side

Lord, remove this burden from my shoulders
so that I may better serve You.
It’s been getting in the way of my faith,
and I don’t know what to do.

I feel like every time I fall
it’s a struggle to get back on my feet.
I’ve been trying to win this battle by myself,
but it has only led me to defeat.

I need Your love to sustain me.
Without it life is much too hard.
I pray that You would always be near,
and that sin would always be far.

I’m done relying on my strength alone,
for it could never come close to being enough.
I want You by my side forever,
to guide me on the smooth paths and the rough.

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Fallen Heroes

All of them put in time and remarkable effort,
but some give even more than that.
Let’s remember and honor our fallen heroes,
the ones who never made it back.

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I was chasing down my dreams,
not knowing where they’d lead.
I didn’t have any sort of plan.
I didn’t care to; I just ran.

They took me to
places I’d never been.
I wouldn’t be who I am today
if it wasn’t for them.

I broke out of the comfortable,
and ignored the doubts in my head.
I took a chance,
but it was worth it in the end.

Don’t settle for getting by.
It’s not as safe as it seems.
If there’s one thing I’ve learned,
it’s follow your dreams.

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Anything but Me

I want to be the sun,
shining high in the sky.
I want to be the rain,
falling down on what’s dry.

I want to be a flower,
beautiful and esteemed.
I want to be the soil,
a foundation for all that’s green.

I want to be an ocean,
so vast and so deep.
I want to be the waves
that sink and then leap.

I want to be the stars,
glowing in the night.
I want to be the moon,
surrounded by their light.

I want to be the wind,
blowing wild and free.
I want to be
anything but me.

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Only One

He made her his everything,
and now she’s gone.
He feels empty inside,
with no motivation to go on.

He thought it was love,
but it wasn’t even close.
He didn’t read the signs.
He didn’t look both ways
before crossing that road.

He feels alone in this world,
like nobody has ever cared.
He should’ve known she’d be the same.
Existence is never fair.

He’s holding on to what he can’t have,
and eventually he’ll be forced to let her go.
The times with her were so special to him,
and she gave him a reason to hope.

He doesn’t know what to do.
He doesn’t know what to say.
He sees her walking by,
and his mind becomes blank.

She brought peace to his restless thoughts,
and faith to his dwindling soul.
She picked up the pieces of his
broken heart and made him whole.

He’s tired of dreaming about her.
He’s sick of seeing her face everywhere.
It’s as though she’s constantly following him,
and he’s beginning to get scared.

He should try to get over her,
but it’s easier said than done.
When she wandered into his life,
she became his only one.

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Love Me

Keep me honest when I become a liar,
bring me low when arrogance overtakes who I am,
save me from my selfish wants and desires,
and love me whenever you feel you can.

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Who are we,
and how great is this life,
that we should make it only our own?
Isn’t selflessness a part of growth?

Are we looking for what we want
instead of the things we need?
If we don’t give,
can we expect to receive?

If we keep our eyes closed,
will we ever see?
If we all we do is dream,
are we constantly asleep?

If we pretend a problem doesn’t exist,
will it eventually go away?
If we don’t try to change the world,
will it forever stay the same?

If I continue asking questions,
is it answers I’ll obtain?
Or will the something I find
make me realize I’ve searched in vain?

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Final Hour

Do you recall the warmer days?
Do you remember the sun shining through the trees?
Back then things were simpler,
and all we had to do was breathe.

Sometimes it would be nice to return
and relive those moments of bliss.
I still look back with fondness
at the memory of our very first kiss.

I’m not sure what you’d call us now,
but we’re nothing close to lovers.
It seems we have a relationship that’s
more like a sister and brother.

I’m sorry to see you suffering like this.
If I could I would take your pain.
But since it doesn’t work that way,
I guess the best I can do is just stay.

You still look so beautiful,
despite the battle you’ve been through.
You’ve put up a courageous fight,
and have done more than I could ever hope to.

I’ll tightly hold your hand in mine.
Together we’ll approach the final hour.
Your gentle breathing is gradually fading.
May God be with you, my lovely flower.

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