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The clock’s ticking makes me anxious.
I’m quickly running out of time.
Chased by things that others can’t see,
I’m a prisoner trapped inside my mind.

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They run from me with fear in their eyes.
I can feel the tension in the air.
I’m the one most people despise.
I’m the heartless beast who doesn’t care.

Very few accept me,
while many don’t want to give me a thought.
I’m seldom prepared for,
and I’m almost never sought.

I’m only there for the sad moments
and the times that are rough.
I suppose I’m a relief to some,
yet those rare cases aren’t enough.

I don’t wish to be alive,
adding fuel to the fire,
but I have no choice,
for I am what I desire.

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Nothing More

Give us eyes to see
and ears to hear.
Grant us peace of mind
and take away our fear.

Supply us with enthusiasm
for each new day.
When witnessing to others,
teach us the right words to say.

Help us to treat everyone with love
so the world will realize Your glory.
Let grace pour down from up above.
Guide us in telling Your great story.

Soften hearts so they might receive
this wonderful gift You’re offering.

Savior, You redeemed every last one of us.
You died so we could have forgiveness.

We are Yours. Do with us what You will.
I pray that with Your Spirit we’d be filled.

Now we enter in to the house of the Lord.
Jesus is all one needs, and nothing more.

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This morning there isn’t a cloud to be seen.
The sky is a sheet of pure blue.
The sun is bright and the day is warm
as I wake up next to you.

You’re still asleep, and I can almost make out
the things you’re whispering under your breath.
I think about the places we’ve been,
and I can’t help but feel very blessed.

It’s nice not having to worry.
I know my heart is in good hands.
I’ve had an optimistic notion about you
ever since we became close friends.

There was something different
about the way you were speaking,
as though you were searching for more,
trying to find a deeper meaning.

Not like all the others,
who talked but didn’t have much to say.
You’re the one who left an impression
and made me want to stay.

From the moment I realized who you were,
I couldn’t keep you out of my thoughts.
A woman as special as you is a rarity,
and so for your affection I fought.

Regardless of the trials that arise,
we’ll always prevail and move on.
When people said we didn’t make sense,
we kept walking and assumed they were wrong.

We’ll be okay, you and I, for our love is stronger
than this feeble world in which we live,
where relationships crumble as quickly as they start,
and everyone takes but doesn’t want to give.

We’re as thick as thieves,
we’re two halves of a whole,
and every other cliché that comes to mind.
I was lucky to even become a part of your life,
and I still can’t believe you’re mine.

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I’m a spinning top,
with no control or plan.
I don’t think I’ll ever stop,
for I’m a restless man.

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This isn’t just a passing attraction,
or some kind of foolish knee jerk reaction.

I’d spend my life pursuing her.
It’s not an exaggeration.
There aren’t any others
who spark my imagination.

There’s something about her I can’t put my finger on,
yet it’s there and it leaves me smitten.
I try to focus on what I need to get done,
but thoughts of her come to mind every minute.

Days without communication
feel like years with no purpose.
I know I’m in love.
No one else could be worth this.

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Never Looking Back

Lord, I am weak,
but You are strong.
Help me to resist the
things I know are wrong.

I’m just a sinful human being,
but You’re the picture of perfection.
Lead me back to the right path
when I stray in a different direction.

There will be moments when I fall into temptation,
though with You near I will overcome.
I know this war won’t last forever
because Your victory has already been won.

God, You’ve rescued me from Satan
time and time again.
Thank You for being my reliable Savior.
Thank You for being my friend.

You’ve blessed me with mercy.
You’ve given me everything I have.
In return I offer You my whole life,
with the promise of never looking back.

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Tell me what you’d like to see.
I’ll become whatever you want me to be.
With no opinions or mind of my own,
I won’t object to anything you ask of me.

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I don’t know how to put your love into words,
but I’m going to do my best to try.
Growing up you were there for every smile,
and comforted me when I was about to cry.

You’d pick me up during the times I would fall,
and were there for me whenever I’d call.
You used to mark my height up on the wall,
and were excited to see me growing tall.

You always cared so much for me,
and even today, you still do.
Though I’ve gotten older and more independent,
there are moments when I just need you.

You helped shape me into the man I am today,
and support me in my every goal.
I adore your kind and patient nature,
and I can’t say enough about your gentle soul.

You’re the woman who’s influenced me to be a better man.
When I think about it, there truly is no other.
I hope these words will touch your heart
because you’re the most beautiful, caring mother.

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Where I Stand

Some pull me to the left,
while others pull me to the right.
I don’t know where I stand.
Every issue isn’t black and white.

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