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I’ve heard the grass is always
greener on the other side,
but that’s only because it’s
constantly raining over there.
I’d rather be right here
where the sun is shining
and there isn’t a care.

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Short Story

She noticed an old book on the ground
during her morning walk through the woods.
The picture on the cover intrigued her,
so she thought the story might be good.

She picked it up and found the first page,
reading as she went along.
Though the dialogue was interesting,
it didn’t hold her attention for very long.

Before even making it to the second chapter,
she tossed the book back where someone else had left it.
She would never know how the plot unfolded
because she didn’t give the characters time to develop.

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He’s washed his hands several times,
but they still don’t feel right,
so he’ll wash them once more.
He’s hurting inside,
and his hands are bleeding,
but the controlling voices nag at his core.

They tell him the things he has to do,
much like orders given to a soldier.
It all started as an odd game,
but it’s become worse as he’s gotten older.

These rituals, they consume his mind,
and acting them out steals hours from every day.
He wishes he could live a normal life,
but this is the way he chooses to stay.

He wants to let these compulsions go.
How he’d love to have freedom again.
He longs for the courage to fight
because he’s the only person stopping him.

One step at a time,
that’s what the doctors have said.
But they don’t understand.
They can’t know what’s really inside his head.

Nobody knows unless
they’re suffering from it,
and then it’s already too late.
This disorder is becoming more common
because there are so many people
who are anxious and afraid.

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She took a train to a faraway place.
She’s out chasing all of her dreams.
I don’t fit into her life anymore.
I was only a slight delay, it seems.

I have faith she’ll make it in whatever she does.
She always had a way with succeeding.
Maybe that’s the reason she didn’t mind leaving.
She never really did need me.

I’d selfishly wish for her to come back,
but I know that isn’t what she wants.
The best I can do now is send her long letters,
and be happy for her as I wait for each response.

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I’ll be the one to love you,
no matter the cost.
I’ll admire your good qualities
and accept your flaws.

I won’t leave when problems arise.
We’ll work through them as they come.
I swear I won’t ever tell you lies,
even when there’s some wrong that I’ve done.

I’ll build you up when you’re feeling low.
I’ll make you see how special you are.
I’ll attentively listen while you speak,
and whenever we’re together love will never be far.

My commitment to you is infinite.
I’ll always answer when you call.
I promise to cherish every moment with you,
and to continually give you my all.

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Killing Time

I tried killing time,
but it just wouldn’t die.
No matter how many times I struck it,
the clock continued to strike.

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There’s still a hint of your taste in my mouth.
There’s still a little bit of your scent in my bed.
There’s still a piece of your heart in my hand.
There’s still a word of yours stuck inside my head.

No matter how much I try to let you go,
everything seems to remind me of you.
Even when I sleep I’m tormented by your face
because my dreams are never new.

Let me out of this prison you’ve placed me in.
I’ve been held here for too long.
I only tried to show you I care.
Was that so terribly wrong?

I’m sorry for falling in love with you.
Those were feelings I couldn’t ignore.
I apologize for causing you trouble.
I should’ve known I couldn’t be yours.

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Am I crazy, or am I in control?
Am I pushing myself, or am I being pulled?
Is my fate in my own hands,
or has it already been carefully planned out?
If these decisions aren’t really mine,
then am I just floating through life on a cloud?

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Privileged Girl

She’s a privileged girl who’s been handed the world.
Whatever she asks for is given to her.

She’s never had a job.
She’s never had to struggle.
A bad day for her is stepping in a puddle.

I won’t ever be the one for her.
I’m just an artist scraping by.
She wants a life devoid of hardship,
something I’ll never be able to provide.

She’ll settle down with a man
with an attractive bank account,
and I’ll be the boy left writing
songs about her until I die.

I just wish she could see that God
offers better goals than comfort and wealth,
that there’s more to existence
than the pursuit of a perfect life.

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I’m giving You complete control.
No longer will I stubbornly push or pull.
I once tried to fill myself with temporary things,
but then You came and made me whole.

I desire to be continually in Your presence.
Lead me into Your wonderful oasis.
Teach me songs that glorify Your name,
for I’d never wish to sing empty praises.

Lord, I’ve fallen madly in love with You.
You’ve offered me grace I don’t deserve.
Guide me on the path You’ve laid out.
Help me to be cautious around every curve.

I don’t want to be fake anymore.
Reveal to me the plans You have in store.
Show me how to have genuine faith.
Not my will be done, but Yours.

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