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Am I crazy, or am I in control?
Am I pushing myself, or am I being pulled?
Is my fate in my own hands,
or has it already been carefully planned out?
If these decisions aren’t really mine,
then am I just floating through life on a cloud?


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Privileged Girl

She’s a privileged girl who’s been handed the world.
Whatever she asks for is given to her.

She’s never had a job.
She’s never had to struggle.
A bad day for her is stepping in a puddle.

I won’t ever be the one for her.
I’m just an artist scraping by.
She wants a life devoid of hardship,
something I’ll never be able to provide.

She’ll settle down with a man
with an attractive bank account,
and I’ll be the boy left writing
songs about her until I die.

I just wish she could see that God
offers better goals than comfort and wealth,
that there’s more to existence
than the pursuit of a perfect life.

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I’m giving You complete control.
No longer will I stubbornly push or pull.
I once tried to fill myself with temporary things,
but then You came and made me whole.

I desire to be continually in Your presence.
Lead me into Your wonderful oasis.
Teach me songs that glorify Your name,
for I’d never wish to sing empty praises.

Lord, I’ve fallen madly in love with You.
You’ve offered me grace I don’t deserve.
Guide me on the path You’ve laid out.
Help me to be cautious around every curve.

I don’t want to be fake anymore.
Reveal to me the plans You have in store.
Show me how to have genuine faith.
Not my will be done, but Yours.

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Love What You Have

You’ll receive more love
if you love what you have,
so don’t wallow in sorrow,
discontented with the past,
because you can’t get back
what you never had.

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There’s snow on the windshield.
It’s freezing inside his car.
He has a job to get to,
but the car won’t seem to start.

By the time he’s on the freeway,
the traffic is solid as far as he can see.
All the people going to their prisons,
wishing things would have turned out differently.

Wasted hours are the ones he spends clocked in.
He receives compensation for throwing away his life,
but with bills to pay it’s quickly gone again,
and he feels like this cycle will continue until he dies.

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Am I somebody you dearly love,
or am I just a thorn in your side?
Do I come up in your conversations,
or do I never even cross your mind?

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If we never speak to each other again,
that will be okay.
I’ve learned not to get attached to anyone,
for it only causes pain.

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