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Why are we here?
What is existence for?
Are we meant to love,
or to wage endless war?

Time is apparently precious,
but I’ve been throwing mine away.
I don’t know who I am.
I don’t know what I’m supposed to say.

There has to be something better.
Earth isn’t where I belong.
I thought I’d have it all figured out by now,
but I was severely proven wrong.

My soul is restless.
It hasn’t slept for weeks.
There’s a hole in my heart that’s odd in shape,
and I think You could be what it needs.

So pluck me from my spot
and put me someplace new.
It doesn’t matter where I go
as long as I’m certain You’ll be there too.

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You feel like God has abandoned you,
when in reality He’s always there.
Ask and it will be given to you.
Never underestimate the power of prayer.

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Nowhere to Go

The world is all but a distant memory.
I pray I’m not the only human being left.
War has finally taken our precious gift,
and those violent images are ones I’ll never forget.

I’m sifting through the wreckage,
looking for any kind of message,
but there’s nothing except broken promises
and the faint hope of leverage.

My hands are cold.
My muscles are weak.
The icy winds blow through me,
and I can barely breathe.

It’s horrible being alone.
I wish I could find somewhere to go.
It’s not as if I’m lost.
It’s that I don’t have a place to call home.

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We haven’t known each other very long,
but it feels like we grew up together.
You always have the right thing to say,
and I hope we can stay friends forever.

You build me up.
You make me smile.
You put the cruelness
of this world on hold,
if only for a little while.

We laugh until we cry.
We talk about our goals.
We’re open about our fears.
We don’t pretend we’re whole.

You mean so much to me.
I’m not sure it’s something
I can sufficiently describe.
Whenever we hang out,
there just isn’t enough time.

This might sound like fiction,
but it couldn’t be more true.
In all my life I’ve never had
a friend as great as you.

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Counting to Ten

One mysterious woman.
Two conflicting emotions.
Three bad decisions.
Four unforgiving oceans.
Five fingers on each of her delicate hands.
Six footprints still lingering in the sand.
Seven tiny lines written on the note she left.
Eight puddles of tears I uncontrollably wept.
Nine reasons she gave for not being able to go on.
Ten hours of sheer anguish since she’s been gone.

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The Great Sacrifice

You are so good, Lord.
You saved us from all our sins
and the fires of hell.

You took up the cross
so that we may breathe again.
The great sacrifice.

They ridiculed You
while you hung there, innocent,
bearing our burdens.

Oh, what can we do
that would ever compensate
the price that You paid?

All we can do is
worship Your wonderful name.
It isn’t enough.

You deserve much more.
Jesus, our perfect Savior,
You are beautiful.

I want to live an
existence solely for You.
Teach me how to love.

Please release me from
my doubt when troubles hold me
and cloud my vision.

Help me to always
remember that You’ve risen
and have conquered death.

Guide me throughout life.
Help me to never forget
the great sacrifice.

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Run Out

Her chance is over.
The clock has run out.
She’s given in
to fear and doubt.

She’s a broken mirror.
She’s a page that’s torn.
She’s a walking mistake.
She wishes she hadn’t been born.

This cruel world won’t let her leave.
She’s tried to end her life,
but in that she can’t succeed.
The one thing she isn’t seeking
is the one thing she needs.

So here she’ll stay,
taking miserable breath
after miserable breath,
searching for,
but never finding,
the welcoming arms of Death.

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