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Since You Left

My head is pounding.
My stomach is empty.
I should eat something,
but I haven’t since you left me.

I look out of the kitchen window,
hoping that this time your car
will be sitting in the driveway,
but there’s only bare gravel to be seen,
and I curse at myself for being the
reason you were forced to secretly leave.


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She’s leaving him today.
She’s had enough of the abuse.
He told her he would change,
but he’s had many chances and it’s no use.

She’ll be long gone by the time he gets back.
The empty apology this morning
was the last one she’ll have to hear.
She’s going somewhere he’ll never find her.
In that peaceful place she
won’t have any reason to fear.

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Over the Edge

I feel like I’m falling
but at the same time flying,
if that makes any sense.
Somewhere along the line
I drifted over the edge.

I’m alone in this beautiful world.
There isn’t one I can call a friend.
I look around at the people who are content,
and wish my life would come to an end.

Why was I placed here?
Am I some kind of joke?
I’m not useful in the least.
I’m a box of broken hopes.

I wanted to let it go,
if only for a little while.
I pushed away those thoughts of you.
It was ignorance stemming from denial.

The years have made us strangers.
We once knew each other well.
I used to think we were meant to be,
but out of love we sadly fell.

I miss your delicate touch.
I miss the brighter days.
I miss being able to smile.
I miss your pretty face.

I’d like to be your man.
I won’t ever be over you.
Before I know I said I was,
but those words were never true.

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I was searching for an opening,
any place I might have a chance.
I found it halfway into the closing hour,
and I finally asked her to dance.

She looked so pretty in her dress
the deepest shade of blue.
I almost lost my nerve and gave up,
but I knew what I had to do.

I took her hand in mine,
and tried my best to be interesting.
I broke the ice at the beginning,
and even ended up impressively finishing.

I’m not sure if this will lead anywhere.
It could have just been one night.
But from the way we seemed to connect,
I’m optimistic about this being right.

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Every morning when we wake,
we determine who we’ll be
through the choices we make.

We choose to love,
and we choose to hate.
We know right from wrong,
but at times we end
up making mistakes.

It’s human nature,
many will say,
but what would happen
if we all tried a bit harder
for the entire world’s sake?

Just because we’ll never
achieve perfection
doesn’t mean we can’t
influence positive change.

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One Minute Later

One writer.
One pen.
One piece of paper.
One poem written
one minute later.

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You gawk at me while I eat my meals.
You point as I walk around my prison.
You press your face against the glass wall between us,
the only thing keeping me from tearing your fragile frame apart.

What is so fascinating about my daily routine
that you line up to catch a glimpse of
I have yet to figure out, and as I look into
your dull eyes that tell me you haven’t either,
I begin thinking I probably never will.

Let me say I find it more than a little strange
that you watch me as I defecate in a corner,
and then laugh as if what I just did isn’t
something you do as well, only you have the
luxury of nobody staring at you while you do
what is obviously supposed to be a private act.

Also, I hate it when I’m trying to rest and you insist
on keeping me awake with your children running
in circles, creating such a ruckus that it would be
easier to fall asleep to the most disagreeable sounds
of the howler monkey next door than to attempt even
two winks of sleep when those miniature devils are around.

I’ll leave you with one final thought
before I go and draw up my escape plan:
I wouldn’t pay any amount of money to
see you do whatever it is you do when you’re
not focusing your unwanted attention on me.

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