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To Be Human

With my brain placed downstairs on the shelf collecting dust
alongside the china and other knickknacks on display,
I sit in my bedroom in the rocking chair I purchased
at a garage sale on a sunny afternoon last July,
having nothing to love and nothing to fear.

It’s an evening in which the rain is falling in buckets,
and I watch as the thin streams of moisture crawl down
my window, racing each other to the bottom of the sill,
eager to meet whatever is waiting for them at the finish line.

The quiet would normally cause me to begin meditating on you,
a crinkled image in black and white, which would inevitably
produce thoughts I removed my brain to specifically avoid.

No, as I rock back and forth at a gentle pace with a cup of coffee
in my hand, I won’t be thinking about you for even a moment’s length.
Tonight I will slip into a dreamless sleep and awake in the morning,
far more content than I’ve been since I found myself outside the womb.
Then I’ll reluctantly take my brain from its spot and reposition it
inside my head, forced once again to feel, forced to be human.

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The words I’ve written on
this eco-friendly paper
aren’t original in the least,
but the order in which they’re placed
is something quite new.
Recycling words isn’t going to save
an entire forest of precious trees,
but I have the ability
to influence positive change
with the ones I decide to reuse.

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So Much for You

When I saw you walking in my direction,
I have to admit I was thoroughly overjoyed.
The sight of your face made me forget about
how you’d once played with my heart like a toy.

I thought we’d finally have the chance to
reconnect following your absence of over a year.
I cried myself to sleep for months after you left,
but when you returned I only shed happy tears.

I knew we wouldn’t be falling in love,
but I was sure our relationship would bloom.
The way you spoke to me gave me confidence,
and I became blind to what I should’ve assumed.

You told me you’d missed me dearly,
then promised to never leave again.
You said I meant a lot to you,
that I was one of your best friends.

Then you went and abandoned me
as I foolishly swallowed all your lies.
I guess I’m not worthy of your time.
So much for you being back in my life.

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Every Day

He needs to hear her answer,
but he has to ask the question first.
He doesn’t know how she feels about him,
but he knows how he feels about her.

He’s looking for what he can be sure of.
He’s been trying to plan out his life.
Will she be a part of his future?
Could that angel ever be his wife?

With so many uncertainties to think about,
it’d be nice to hold her and let them melt away.
He adores all of the beauty her smile contains,
and he’d love to wake up next to her every day.

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Reasons Why

I’ve been giving you all my effort,
but you have me running inside a wheel.
Always pushing but never moving forward.
It’s starting to take a toll on how I feel.

I wish this would go somewhere,
but it’s completely up to you.
I’ve shown you I care about us,
and now it’s your turn to follow through.

I’ll continue proving my love,
but if you don’t want me, let me go.
It’ll hurt if you choose to leave,
but at least then I’ll finally know.

I’ve laid my heart at your feet.
It’s time for you to accept or deny.
I’d only like to hear the verdict.
I won’t ask you for your reasons why.

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Out of the Dark

You always wait for me to lose my focus,
then stick your foot out in front of me.
At times I’ll notice at the very last second,
but there are moments when I trip hopelessly.

You often make it difficult to see
what my priorities should be.
The things which benefit you
seem to have the opposite effect on me.

You cause me to judge others
when I’m supposed to be loving.
Why am I so easily persuaded,
that I let you overwhelm me?

You bring out the worst in me
every chance you’re given.
Fortunately I serve a God
through whom I am forgiven.

He’s a barrier between myself and you.
I can rely on Him to protect my heart.
Even when I’m enticed by your schemes,
He provides light to lead me out of the dark.

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The Fox

Lingering on the highest of hills,
the fox steals a glance at the sky.
Rainclouds are forming in clusters
as he lets out a miserable sigh.

He wants to make a move because
there isn’t a lot of time,
but can’t take any action
until he’s given a sign.

He’s keeping an eye on one person.
It’s the only job he’s ever known.
If danger comes to his contender,
then danger is where the fox will go.

He watches as the blades of grass
that were once purple are stained blood-red.
The fight is quite a bitter one,
and will leave thousands of innocent people dead.

The fox never questions what he’s ordered to do.
He doesn’t think about what’s right or what’s wrong.
It’s something they know they can take advantage of,
and it’s the reason this war has been going on for so long.

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Other Fish

I’m not going to waste time complaining.
I won’t obsess over all that went wrong.
The only things I need to do are forget
about her and try my best to move on.

I refuse to dwell upon what I couldn’t catch.
In the sea there are many other fish.
I won’t let this hang over me like a cloud.
Why should I be hurt by a pretentious witch?

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I don’t consider myself to be much of a writer,
but I’m fairly good at arranging words in my mind.
I call them to order like a teacher to his students,
and the result is a sequence of well-formed lines.

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You look like a fool.
You’re showing all your cards.
You’re turning her off
because you’re pushing too hard.

Your jealousy can be seen a mile away.
There’s no reason for your heart to ache.
Get out of the spotlight and walk off the stage.
Give this a little space for your own sake.

You’re doing things you wouldn’t normally do.
Just be yourself and the rest will fall into place.
Strive to be patient and wait for the right time.
You don’t have to turn this into some kind of race.

Don’t pour your identity into what you desire.
It’s going to sting if your plans are shot down.
Desperation never leads to very good decisions.
More often than not you’ll become a clown.

It’s obvious what your intentions are.
I think everybody can tell.
You’re trying to convince her to buy
what you shouldn’t have to sell.

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