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Too Late

You were content with where you were,
but that girl went and caught your eye.
She led you on quite deceitfully,
and then hung you out to dry.

She took everything you loved,
and stripped your heart bare.
She knew what she was doing,
but she didn’t seem to care.

The friends who said they’d be beside you
are nowhere to be seen,
As soon as things got difficult,
they abandoned you in grief.

You need somebody to repair your soul,
but all you’ve found is more pain.
It’s sad there are people in the world
who use others for their own gain.

As you try to fall asleep,
you dwell on what you have lost.
You thought she was the one.
That mistake came at a high cost.

Now you wonder if time does heal,
and if so, how long it will take.
You hope relief will arrive soon,
because it already feels too late.

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A vulnerable poem so tiny in size,
hiding behind a delicate disguise.

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You’ve hurt me so many times.
I can’t let it happen anymore.
You’re too proud to apologize,
so our problems are left ignored.

I try to be kind to you.
It doesn’t get me anywhere.
I suppose I’m learning I
can’t force somebody to care.

It kills me that we can’t get along.
Very often I pray that God would fix what’s wrong.
I’m not by any means pure of blemish or fault,
but I’d like to think I haven’t been a brick wall.

You’ve shot down my attempts to heal us.
It’s clear to me now that this is the way we might stay.
I’m sorry to be giving up on something important,
but I’m weary from all the fighting day after day.

You can always reach out to me if you wish,
but I’m not pursuing your good opinion any longer.
Maybe if the effort didn’t feel quite as one-sided,
our relationship could become something much stronger.

So this is my final goodbye to you,
unless in the future you change your mind.
I’m hoping that will turn out to be the case,
because I don’t enjoy it when you’re absent from my life.

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My love is gone.
There’s no reason to stay.
I’m over feeling.
Take me somewhere far away.

Strike me dead with lightning.
Let the ground swallow me up.
Maybe You could simply smite me,
or send me down a poison cup.

I don’t care how I go.
It’s all the same to me.
Just end this suffering.
God, won’t You hear my plea?

Some people enjoy life,
and fear the shadow of death,
but what I’m most afraid of
is having to take another breath.

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I want to write a song,
but instead I’ll watch TV.
I’d like to read a book.
I’ll close my eyes and fall asleep.

It’s one of those depressing days
where you’re the one I miss.
How can I think about anything
but the softness of your lips?

Nothing will get done today.
I’ll sit and wait for your call.
The phone won’t ring and I’ll be sad
on a summer day that feels like fall.

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Lord, I can always rely on You.
You never turn Your face from me.
I still remember how happy I was
when I accepted You and became free.

You weathered the storm inside me,
took out the bitterness and pain.
You scared all the thunder away,
and dried up the relentless rain.

You’re a guide through
the darkness of this evil world.
You care about each one of us,
every boy and every girl.

The parched desert has nothing on You,
for You provide us with living water.
You’re our map in the wilderness
whenever we’re lost and wander.

Though we may face many trials,
You’re continually next to us,
giving us strength to overcome,
through Your ability so wondrous.

I will worship Your holy name
until the day my earthly body dies,
then I’ll praise You forevermore
in that place high above the sky.

Where angels dwell upon clouds,
and suffering no longer exists.
I’ll look into Your loving eyes,
and experience eternal bliss.

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The Rock and the Tide

See a mountain, see an ocean,
see the years that bring rock and tide close together.

–Joshua Radin

The weathered rock and the beautiful tide.
There couldn’t be a more exemplary couple.
Eternal union of nature’s groom and bride.
Yet their love is something so very subtle.

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Take me someplace lovely and free,
where natural beauty can be seen.
Let me lie on blades of green
under the moon’s inviting beam.
Stars will sing me gently to sleep.
I’ll have the most relaxing dreams.
When I wake up with senses keen,
I’ll chase the elegance I seek.
Of breath and steam I won’t deplete.
Running along that cooling sea,
I’ll be tempted to dip my weary feet,
but I will not stop for scorching heat.
What I follow are more pressing needs.
I’ll give my best unto the trees,
and every creature I happen to meet.
If I should come across some seeds,
I’ll plant them in the dirt so neat.
They’ll grow until they’re forced to cease,
then I’ll take and take without saying please,
or performing any other respectful deeds.
I’ll continue on the path that leads
right through a patch quite full of weeds.
Though my body is as sore as can be,
I’ll keep on pushing forward valiantly.
Nothing could tear me from the belief
that I’ll finish the race to immortality.

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I hate the people
around this table.
Turkey is disgusting.
To hell with Thanksgiving.
Thanks for nothing.

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I’m not very fond of human beings.
They’re too troublesome for me.
I wish to live a tranquil life,
much like that of a tree’s.

I’ve got a house full of cats.
They’re the only company I need.
They don’t ask for a lot,
and they’re quiet while I read.

They’re always confident and composed,
never seeking to be reassured,
and they tell me what they want
without having to say a word.

Everything they do serves a purpose.
They don’t waste time playing silly games.
I don’t feel as though I’m being judged,
and they wouldn’t dream of causing me pain.

I adore my cats and their sophisticated personalities.
There isn’t anything in the world I would trade them for.
I could go on about my cats until kingdom come,
but that would most likely leave my readers quite bored.

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