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When I fall asleep, you’re in my dreams.
When I wake up, you disappear.
It’s as though you’re not real, but you do exist.
I’ve seen you, spoken to you, even.
Yet you’re so distant, and I worry
I’ll never get the best of you,
that I’ll live with images of you
but never feel the warmth of your hand
or touch the hair on your head.
And if I dream of you every night,
that’s better than having nothing,
but it still doesn’t fill my hollow heart.
When I see you and wake with a start,
I should tell you how I feel, but I’m afraid
that if you reject me, my fragile images will break.
The story of us is written in a book of mine,
but the pages become blank every time,
and I’m slowly losing the hope I once held
when I had my entire future ahead of me.
But things have changed, and aspects of my life are decided
because of the choices I made and the steps I didn’t take.
It could have been different, but I can’t go back now.
I’ll lay in the bed I’ve made, the one with the stained sheets,
and pretend that it’s okay, tell myself I’m happy.
But it’s the biggest lie I’ll ever tell,
one that cannot be forgiven or forgotten,
that will always be remembered and dwelt upon.
It will be my existence summed up in one sentence.
My life was a lie, and alone I’ll die,
with only my dreams to occupy my dwindling time.


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Sunday Morning

My alarm is going on and off this morning.
Church or more sleep, which will I choose?
An eternity in hell couldn’t feel any longer
than sitting through another sermon, I muse
as I reach over to once again hit the snooze.

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I don’t long for great wealth.
I’ve never understood greed.
It’s not about getting what I want,
but having the things I need.

Clean air to breathe.
Enough food to eat.
Some sort of shelter.
Friends around me.

Lasting treasure is waiting in heaven.
I don’t desire these temporary riches of gold.
What’s most important can’t be bought.
There isn’t a store where happiness is sold.

My wallet may be empty,
but my heart is always full.
Money doesn’t tempt me.
The Lord satisfies my soul.

What else could I ask for?
God has blessed me with so much.
I can truly say I’m content.
Every day I’m amazed by His love.

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I read book after book,
but never find any answers.
They slip away into shadows,
elusive as invisible dancers.

How long do I have to wait
with eyes tiredly stuck to pages?
I can’t focus on anything else.
They take all of my attention’s wages.

Is there a purpose to existence?
Maybe the earth is just a stage.
God is sitting up there in the front row,
watching us act out His tragedy of a play.

If I say my lines wrong,
do I get another shot at being a star?
Is it even possible to go off-script?
Perhaps what He’s written is what we always are.

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Don’t tell somebody it could be worse.
Open your heart and have compassion.
Apply love to the spots that seem hurt.
Kindness will never go out of fashion.

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The Children

with strong character and boundless radiance,
you will be remembered.

with a gentle manner and wisdom beyond your years,
you will be remembered.

with a fondness for art and exceptional curiosity,
you will be remembered.

with an innocent soul and a welcoming nature,
you will be remembered.

with a smile so bright and a vivacious spirit,
you will be remembered.

with charming confidence and a laugh like music,
you will be remembered.

with a gorgeous face and a personality to match,
you will be remembered.

with adorable freckles and a passion for animals,
you will be remembered.

with a love for athletics and a friendly disposition,
you will be remembered.

with admirable bravery and unequaled imagination,
you will be remembered.

with infectious enthusiasm and unwavering resolve,
you will be remembered.

with a peaceful air and eyes that brilliantly shine,
you will be remembered.

with a sunny demeanor and extraordinary kindness,
you will be remembered.

with honorable generosity and competitive drive,
you will be remembered.

with resolute determination and immeasurable vigor,
you will be remembered.

with a fantastic sense of humor and a caring heart,
you will be remembered.

with outstanding intellect and a fervor for horses,
you will be remembered.

with a fearless attitude and endearing inquisitiveness,
you will be remembered.

with magnificent vision and remarkable ambition,
you will be remembered.

with great creative talent and a considerate mind,
you will be remembered.

Now and forever,
you will all be missed,
you will all be remembered,
you are all much more than this.

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I Am Completely Yours

I was looking for a place in the world,
and then You drew me close to Yourself.
This wasn’t what I was expecting at all.
Your love caused my frozen heart to melt.

Life hasn’t been perfect since I let You in,
but that’s not what following You is about.
There will be joy and there will be pain,
and in Your great plan I’ll never doubt.

Take me wherever You wish me to be.
I won’t question the path You lay out.
Adversity won’t make me turn away.
No obstacle could cause me to back down.

When Satan tries to tempt me,
I’ll look to You for protection.
When I’m lost, confused, and afraid,
You’ll point me in the right direction.

You are everything I will ever need and so much more.
Your presence can be felt from the ceiling to the floor.
This is the sense of purpose my soul has been longing for.
Lord, do with me what You will, for I am completely Yours.

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