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See You Soon

I realize no words exist that can ease your mind,
but I still wish to write these particular ones down.
You’re deeply loved and have touched many lives.
People as kind as you don’t often come around.

Don’t ever give up on hoping and praying,
even if an idea just doesn’t appear plausible.
Human beings are met with a lot of limitations,
but with the Lord all things are very possible.

Let His light shine upon your tear-stained face.
Allow Him to carry every one of your difficulties.
Even when situations are confusing and unfair,
don’t enable bitterness to diminish your positivity.

Though you may depart from this house of sorts,
your presence is strongly felt in each of these rooms.
This earth will never be a place to call our home,
and there’s comfort in the certainty I’ll see you soon.

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The Girl of My Dreams

Sweeter than truffles,
lovelier than bright flowers,
purer than fresh snow.

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A Poem for a Rainy Day

Much moisture is falling,
the sun has gone away,
pure coldness sets in,
and I bow down to pray.

Praying for forgiveness,
strength against temptation,
lovingkindness, great mercy,
and hope for all nations.

God listens with patience,
analyzing every single word,
revealing His perfect will,
and I’m certain He’s heard.

The contents of my bleeding heart
come pouring out of my mouth,
those little things I’ve never spoken,
those things I don’t always think about.

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Harsh winds glide across
the surface of my gaunt face,
piercing my flushed cheeks.

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You Call Me Worthy

God, I will sing praises to You until I lose my voice.
I will tell everyone I meet about Your incredible love.
How You rescued me when sin seemed like my only choice,
and showed me there was another way if I focused on the things above.

Do with me whatever You please.
I’m a servant kneeling at Your feet.
Of You I only ask wisdom and clarity
so I’ll know the right words to speak.

I’m ashamed when I drown in the murky waters of temptation,
and the filth of this wicked world blinds my delicate eyes.
But sometimes it takes failing to rid me of my foolish pride,
just as it sometimes takes hopelessly sinking to eventually rise.

Your presence is my one true home.
How could I dwell anywhere else?
You brought me into eternal life,
and saved me from the road to hell.

Day after day You’re right there beside me,
guiding me with infinite patience and love.
Even when I fall into a gaping pit of sin,
You pull me out with the gentleness of a dove.

I’m a shattered vessel,
an ugly wretched thing.
Yet You call me worthy,
my most beautiful King.

When I’m thirsty, You provide water.
When I’m hungry, You provide food.
I’ll never doubt Your omnipotence.
Everything about Your plan is good.

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Why even bother with the rest of the year?, I think
as I throw on my most comfortable pajamas and slip into bed,
setting my alarm clock for 9:00am on January 1st.
Or perhaps, so as to make sure I don’t wake up too early, 9:30.

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I don’t know if it says more about you or me
that you’ve introduced yourself to me three times.
Am I so mediocre and forgettable that my character fails
to leave the faintest footprints on the shore of your memory?

Judging by the glazed-over look in your eyes,
I’m going to assume you’re the guilty party,
but that still doesn’t make me question any less
the way I interact with my fellow human beings,

which will inevitably lead me down a slippery slope
of behaving even more awkwardly around new people,

which will inevitably lead me down into
a dark cavern of doubt and self-loathing,

which will inevitably lead me down into
a cavern of despair and suicide that’s darker still,

which will inevitably lead to God casting me into
the flaming depths of hell, if there is such a place,
and such a God, for overdosing on pills,
and if not, then I’ll inevitably be led down into
my own little plot of dirt somewhere to be food for worms,

all because you couldn’t recall meeting me twice before,
all because I was too worried about what everybody thinks,
whether friend, acquaintance, or stranger.

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Every time I write
it’s a magnificent sight
watching words take flight.

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In the Clouds

On the surface I appear calm,
but inside my mind it’s a violent storm.
The earth is a frozen wasteland,
and my anger’s the only thing keeping me warm.

Look at me closely,
I mean really look into my soul.
My exterior is irrelevant.
It’s not where you’ll discover gold.

My eyes are hopelessly tired.
My hands are cracked and rough.
Give me something to look forward to.
The mysteries of tomorrow aren’t enough.

I feel as though life is just
a wheel I’m spinning upon.
There isn’t a purpose to every step
when they’ll ultimately lead to death.

From the moment we’re born,
we’re all gradually dying.
Some try to suppress the thought,
but there’s no point denying.

My mouth is painfully quiet,
but my imagination is loud.
I’ve got my feet on the ground,
and my head in the clouds.

Should I tell you what my vision just presented me with?
Perhaps it would be better if I kept it to myself.
Maybe ideas like mine aren’t meant to be shared,
but bound to collect dust on some unreachable shelf.

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If one delves deeper
into miles of desert sand,
they may find a rose.

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