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I’m in need of a distraction.
I don’t like where my mind is wandering to.
It’s been focusing on the past.
It’s been looking right at you.

Maybe if I write about you,
you’ll leave me to forever stay on a page.
My pen is the key to glorious freedom.
It will release me from this dusty cage.

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Don’t try so hard to impress strangers.
You should only be yourself.
Don’t change everything you are.
Those people aren’t where your beauty dwells.

The ones who remain distant
won’t ever come to your defense,
while the ones who truly care
will become your close friends.

They’ll build you up
and be honest with you.
They’ll give you opportunities
to show you care, too.

It’s easy to give up.
It’s difficult to keep going.
Pray to God for strength.
He guides all you’re doing.

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Today is one that I will not be forgetting any time soon,
so butterflies have made a comfortable home in my stomach.
Whenever the thought of her beautiful face strolls on by,
my delicate heart starts to falter and uncontrollably plummet.

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You think you’re something great
because you did what so many others have done.
You assume that because I didn’t
I’m beneath you and only live for fun.

But the truth is the path you chose
didn’t get you to a better place,
for it’s in our heads; the false prestige,
it’s a disease of the human race.

The amount of stress you’re under,
is it really worth the extra compensation?
Is it worth every exhausting battle,
and the crumbling of your family’s foundation?

And yes, I know that your wallet is full,
but can’t you feel the emptiness in your soul?

What do your children think about the fact
that you’re always gone and never hold them?
Then there’s your wife who just wants to love you,
and doesn’t desire an existence that only appears golden.

I hope you come to realize what’s important,
and the people who should take priority in your life.
If you don’t, you’ll eventually lose them all,
and the ending to your hectic story will cut like a knife.

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Inky shadows swim through the sweeping waters,
reflecting upon all of the colossal ships that pass.
Being one with the ocean is tranquil and fulfilling,
though this kind of life will always go by too fast.

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We Were Born

Will things ever change?
Will life ever be fair?
Can I rely on anyone,
or do they just stare?

Because I find myself adjusting to others,
while they never seem to move an inch.
I feel like I’m only stalling the inevitable,
and won’t be getting out of this ditch.

People tell me they care,
yet they don’t show it.
I really think they don’t.
and their actions prove that.

I try to put in effort,
but it goes unnoticed.
It’s like I’m invisible.
I’m weary of all of it.

Then I met you
and everything changed.
You actually cared.
For me you’d rearrange.

With us it’s give and take.
It’s even and balanced.
Instead of me just giving,
and suppressing my feelings.

You make me happy.
I’ll love you forever.
Hold me close,
regardless of weather.

It’s raining right now,
but I feel sunny inside,
if only because you’re
there day and night.

You are reform
in its truest form.
You make this worthwhile.
I’m glad we were born.

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On Forming Haiku

Creative process
is confined to a small room
without a window.

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The feral gusts force an old tree down,
and I’m the one to break its heavy fall.
Rough bark scrapes against my hands,
and the bleeding makes my senses crawl.

The thick red drops hit the dirt below.
They continue flowing and don’t relent.
My vision is blurring but I spot a light.
Directing me where, I don’t know yet.

Still I follow it for several miles or so,
if only to relinquish my illogical fears.
As I move I see my past in front of me,
and then I notice my future to the rear.

I let go because this is the conclusion that’s been written,
then I dramatically kneel down in utter defeat.
The ground is doing quite the number on my feeble knees,
while my heart is now skipping every other beat.

I say a final prayer that my love
for you would continually be felt.
I cry a few more desperate tears,
then into the unknown I silently melt.

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Greed likes to relax
beside his friends at the bar,
smoking fine cigars.

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A vast wall of emotion keeps us from speaking.
The clock ticks noisily as time goes ambling by.
Its hands are mechanical and have no feeling,
like the way yours felt when they were in mine.

Please tell me what I could have done so wrong,
because I still don’t understand why you ran away.
Having no chance to gain closure is eating me up,
and I’ve never experienced such excruciating pain.

Before I met you my heart was healing from the past,
but then you went and viciously ripped out every stitch.
I should have realized that what we shared couldn’t last.
You’d be the perfect woman if you weren’t such a witch.

Each time I fall asleep I have nightmares about you,
and in the morning you’re always fresh in my mind.
Even if I could somehow forget your haunting face,
I don’t know that I would ever be considered fine.

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