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Last word, here we are.
It’s been a dazzling journey,
and we’ve come so far.

In this notebook I’ve written
my feelings, poems, and deepest thoughts.
Now that they’re in permanent ink,
I’ll hold on to them and they’ll never be lost.

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The Real World

I wandered far off the beaten path,
taking none of my earthly possessions.
I didn’t need them where I was going.
The only things I carried were questions.

I traveled for what felt like months,
eventually arriving at a spot with a sign that read “peace.”
I met a man there who said he was a ghost,
but I could tell he was alive from the looks of his teeth.

He walked beside me day after day.
We hunted together and guitar we’d both play.
He sang songs of when he was young.
I told him I liked his style, that it was second to none.

He looked at me with his golden eyes,
and I figured out I was just a piece of his puzzling disguise.
The area started spinning and I fell from an apple tree,
right into an ocean of angry killer bees.

This wasn’t the place for me,
I quickly learned.
So I ran at full speed for miles
until I found the real world.

Back where it rained almost every night.
Back where I found that redeeming light.
It shone on me like a rose surrounded by weeds.
It came and made me happy and fulfilled every need.

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Comfortable Love

Sprawled upon the couch.
Aged wine and romantic films.
Hearts beating in rhythm.

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Whenever I begin to lose my hope,
You provide me with what I need most.
I will continually sing songs of praise,
most amazing, faithful Lord of hosts.

Help me in striving to be a great example,
not for my own glory, but solely for Yours.
I pray that Your word would spread like fire,
and that Your love would reach every shore.

Hearts are yearning for their perfect Savior,
although some stubbornly shrug it off.
In the future they will bow down to You,
the only one who could pay our cost.

Lord, Your works go beyond our ordinary thoughts.
We’re as infants when it comes to what You do.
We can never understand Your flawless plan,
and simply have to place our trust in You.

The moment of Your return is uncertain,
but the time to step up and serve is now.
Let’s proclaim it from the highest mountain,
what God’s message of salvation is all about.

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How About It, Baby?

Drinks and rental films.
Your parents’ house to ourselves.
Hands not to ourselves.

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Spiritual Divisions

I was falling down the darkest pit,
and I cried out to You after I swallowed my pride.
You pulled me out and set me on solid ground,
and without Your love I would have died.

Forgive me of the sins of my mind.
Help me to focus it solely on You.
I have many conflicting ideas inside,
and I desire to know which ones are true.

God, I ask that You’d provide me with
wisdom to make the best decisions,
and that I wouldn’t be distracted by
details that cause spiritual divisions.

The road You carefully constructed for me
is the one I’ll attempt to faithfully follow.
I don’t want to explore dead ends anymore.
They only left me hungry and hollow.

I’ll sing praises to You until I lose my voice.
I’ll set my eyes upon You so long as I have sight.
I want to be in Your presence forevermore.
It’s the only place that feels completely right.

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So much has occurred today,
this morning feels like weeks ago.
I can’t seem to think straight,
and am numb from head to toe.

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What can I say to you?
What can I do after this?
I made a mistake yesterday,
and left you quite a mess.

I can’t change what occurred,
but maybe time apart can heal.
I’d never intentionally hurt you,
or try to control the way you feel.

That wasn’t me by any stretch.
One moment can’t define a man.
Yet I know it’s still my responsibility
to try to fix everything that I can.

How much longer is the road we took?
Will it lead to heaven or the cliff’s edge?
I’m having trouble figuring out the route.
Are we real or just a poorly drawn sketch?

I don’t deserve forgiveness from you.
We can be done if that’s your desire.
I’ll leave you to contemplate us,
and return if you don’t consider me a liar.

I’m walking alone this morning,
but by evening I could have you back.
Just give me your instructions,
and I promise I’ll follow the right path.

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We sing happy songs.
The bombs continue to fall.
War can’t stop music.

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This is an apology to every gay person in the world
from a disappointed and embarrassed Christian.
It’s horrible when we don’t treat you like equals.
Proving our love should be our principal mission.

It’s unfortunate we pretend to be enlightened.
How a gay person feels, only a gay person can say.
Who are we to preach homosexuality is a choice?
I sure don’t feel like I had to choose to be straight.

We claim to object out of concern for your soul,
but in a sense we’ve become the callous judge.
We have a history of outspoken intolerance and hate,
comparing your “condition” to addiction to drugs.

I’m sorry we attempt to deny you your basic human rights.
I hope you don’t reject God because of how you may perceive us.
I pray that the thoughtless actions we perform on a daily basis
won’t discourage you from wholeheartedly accepting Jesus.

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