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Wasted Hours

Sitting in this hole,
I create words with no path
or future in sight,
suppressing yawns that spring up,
focused, set on clocking out.

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I’m wandering in darkness.
I don’t know where I’ll end up.
Somewhere a clock is ticking,
but I’m already out of luck.

A path forged from every fear,
an escape that’s out of reach.
Running without a purpose,
then crawling on my knees.

Your figure in the distance
gives me incentive to go on.
Lead me, I will follow
until the break of dawn.

I can see your heart and the pain he dealt,
that night it all came to a crashing end.
I hope it doesn’t leave you scarred for life,
because I’d really like to be more than friends.

An idle hand can’t guide a thing.
Why do you insist on pursuing it?
Leading you right off a cliff,
not deserving the end you may get.

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Skin, strong as iron.
Bones, composed of spiders’ webs.
Heart, a fallen leaf.

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I realize you’re hesitant.
I know you’ve been hurt.
You think you’re a broken toy,
and don’t have any worth.

Let me set the record straight.
You’re beautiful beyond description.
To say you’re just like every girl
would simply be utter fiction.

I don’t care if I’m your first.
I just want to be your last.
We can’t impede our future
by clinging to the past.

I meant what I said
when I told you how much I loved you.
This isn’t some game
in an attempt to place myself above you.

If you can offer me your trust,
I can offer you my strongest commitment.
This is compassion, not lust.
I swear to keep you with God as my witness.

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Swaying to music
created by wind and rain,
branches learn to dance
under calming charcoal sky
as May begins to depart.

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Better Spent

Sitting in church listening to the same old message,
I can’t keep the images of the homeless out of my head.
Outside the doors of this building there are many suffering,
and I begin to wonder if my time could be better spent.

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A dagger that goes straight for the heart and doesn’t relent.
A feeling in the pit of the stomach that won’t ever be content.

A maze consisting of riddles and rhymes buried under snow.
A quiet girl sitting in the corner afraid of letting sadness show.

A cluster of stars that leads all lost travelers to safety.
A soul eaten up by the uncertainty in the word maybe.

A silver lining in the cloud hanging over these city lights.
A few drinks too many throughout the haze of late nights.

A piece of music remembered with fondness playing on the radio.
A spirit held down for countless years waiting patiently to be let go.

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Disappointment, I wish to extend my thanks
for providing much inspiration so I can write.
When I worry there isn’t anything left to say
you faithfully come running into my little life.

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Sleeping In

The alarm across the room is shrieking its characteristic beep,
but I’m not going to be answering that obnoxious call today.
There’s no reason for me to get up on this gray, rainy morning,
so until tomorrow arrives, in bed I’ll keep productivity at bay.

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Tall Tales

When I place this pen in my hand,
I have a responsibility to write what people want to read.
It’s not about what I enjoy most,
but about following a bunch of distant strangers’ leads.

I desire to be the best.
Second doesn’t satiate my thirst.
I’ve passed every test,
and I know I’ll cross the finish line first.

Tall tales cast a looming shadow upon
small stories full of truth.
People don’t want to hear what’s correct,
but something brand new.

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