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Disappointment, I wish to extend my thanks
for providing much inspiration so I can write.
When I worry there isn’t anything left to say
you faithfully come running into my little life.


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Sleeping In

The alarm across the room is shrieking its characteristic beep,
but I’m not going to be answering that obnoxious call today.
There’s no reason for me to get up on this gray, rainy morning,
so until tomorrow arrives, in bed I’ll keep productivity at bay.

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Tall Tales

When I place this pen in my hand,
I have a responsibility to write what people want to read.
It’s not about what I enjoy most,
but about following a bunch of distant strangers’ leads.

I desire to be the best.
Second doesn’t satiate my thirst.
I’ve passed every test,
and I know I’ll cross the finish line first.

Tall tales cast a looming shadow upon
small stories full of truth.
People don’t want to hear what’s correct,
but something brand new.

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You can chase me, but you’ll never catch up.
You can shake me, but I’ll never back down.
I’ve been around this place my entire life.
I’ve been lost, but by God I’m always found.

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Even though you’ve put up these walls
to keep from acquiring more wounds,
I’ll continue to pursue your precious heart,
and won’t be giving up anytime soon.

You’re worth all the effort I have to offer.
There isn’t another who ignites this fire in me.
You make me strive to be a better person,
and the way you carry yourself is so inspiring.

I’ve made the decision to spend the rest of my life with you.
I hope you’ll eventually choose to commit to me as well.
There’s nobody I’d rather wake up next to every morning,
and I pray that through my actions you can already tell.

I could wait for you forever if it’s necessary.
I’m not just throwing out meaningless lines.
You’re my definition of absolute perfection,
so I hope one day I’ll be able to call you mine.

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Waking Up

Coffee sits steaming
upon the kitchen counter
as nature wakes up.

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These pages contain
a kingdom in the forest
buried under leaves.

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