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Gifts I’ll Cherish

I’m not tired in the least,
and yet I only feel like sitting still.
My mind tells me I should carry on,
but my body doesn’t have the will.

Sleep is my sole escape in this life.
I’ve come to despise being awake.
While I yearn for something real,
people around me are all so fake.

Dreams let me be another person.
They’re gifts I’ll never fail to cherish.
If I wasn’t able to experience them,
I would be myself and wish to perish.

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Love, Come

Through hateful words and thoughtless actions,
we’ve been divided into warring factions.
Love, come save us from destroying ourselves,
before it’s too late to escape from our hell.

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If I show you all of my flaws,
will you immediately run away?
Is this constant facade of mine
the reason you choose to stay?

Am I supposed to change who I am
for the sake of being with you?
You say no, but by the way you treat me
I know it’s not the truth.

It’s easy to see you’re dissatisfied with us,
so why not end this false attachment now?
Before we get to the point in time
where pain is a fire too widespread to douse.

Let me go, I won’t protest.
You can quickly move on to the next,
and again I’ll be free
to look for who? one can only guess.

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There’s opposition,
yet progress keeps trudging on,
never backing down.

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Social networking
keeps all of us connected
yet quite separate.

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In a noisy bar where sorrows are drowned,
the concept of honest love doesn’t seem to exist.
What appears meaningful to the outsider
is only another one-night stand, a drunken kiss.

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Blue-eyed violin,
your soft notes reverberate
through my liquid heart
and stay long after slumber
lays me down in poppyfields.

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