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Jacks, queens, and kings
offer all of the luck they possess,
sharing fool’s wisdom that’s been
hiding below a pair of gambling hands,
under the impression that the only way to
attain wealth is to win many chips.

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And stay out! I said with a dramatic flourish,
the way it’s done on television,
grabbing Jesus by the scruff of his robe
and kicking him out of my heart.

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Dirty souls in a packed room
where cleanliness is sitting below
the illusion of pure godliness.

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Similar Hearts

I admit the sun is nice,
but you’re the one warming my soul.
It was once encased in ice,
then your kindness subdued the cold.

I’d tell you how much you mean,
but I’ll refrain for patience’s sake.
Being with you feels like a dream
from which I never wish to wake.

I hope we’ll become eternally entwined,
though I realize there isn’t any rush.
Marriage shouldn’t be taken lightly,
so for now what we have is more than enough.

Even if I catch you,
I won’t be giving up on the chase.
Comfort can kill effort,
so I’ll pursue you for the rest of my days.

Gravity is keeping our feet on solid ground,
while love is keeping us close together.
As long as both continue to stick around,
our similar hearts will be near forever.

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From What I’ve Seen

The same people who marry after only a few months of dating
are oftentimes the same ones who believe that couples who have
been together for years shouldn’t have the same right
to legally bind their love.

The same people who think they should be telling women
what they can and can’t do with their own bodies
are oftentimes the same ones who complain about
their tax dollars going to the poor,
as if raising children is an inexpensive undertaking.

The same people who claim to follow a man who preached peace
are oftentimes the same ones who are much too eager to
pull the trigger on treacherous wars,
bombing the people they ought to be trying to save,
the heathens who supposedly need to be shown
the sole way to avoid eternal burning, courtesy of a loving God.

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Waking Up Early

Alarm clock shouting
at me to wake up in the dark
of early morning sky.

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Time Machine

Rifles lay upon the bloodied ground,
ending over three hundred years of warfare
between wrong and wrong,
elephant and donkey,
killing only those below the poverty line,
an attempt to gain power through
hiding the disfigured truth.

Risks taken by those with a lot to gain
often hurt the ones with not much to lose,
squashing any chance of
escaping the wells in which they were born.

Obstructionist tactics existed until the
gods were drained of their magic,
lips tasting the tempting fruit of delusion,
extinguishing hope’s flame, a
song that was once stuck in the heads of
boys and girls alike,
yearning for more, imagining a better world.

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When She Speaks

Her voice is a grand symphony,
my heart an enthusiast for classical music.
When she speaks I’m lost inside
the lovely intricacies of her flowing words.

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More Importantly

Which came first,
the chicken or the egg?
And, more importantly,
the god or the man?

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My mind is a wide barrier
I’ve yet to break into parts,
still allowing over-thinking
to dictate precisely what my
impressionable heart desires.

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