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As the gorgeous
November we’ve had in Seattle
nears its end,

I can’t help thinking
December might have quite the job
attempting to win us over,

though I must admit
I am very much looking forward to
curling up by the fire

and reading a novel
centered around the lives of people
I have a certain fondness for,

while you laze on the sofa
sipping tea from a generous mug
given to you last Christmas.

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How I wish I could be the scenery that captures your wonderment,
all the lush green basking under the sun’s handsome grin,
but, alas, I am only the streak of rain squirming down your window.

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There’s a slim chance I’ll make it,
but that doesn’t mean I won’t try.
My feelings have been stripped naked,
and though I’d like to I won’t cry.

Finding my purpose will take time.
It’s not something that comes overnight.
To discover gold I’ll sift through grime.
This is crucial and I’ll put up a fight.

A challenge isn’t meant to destroy,
but to make one stronger in the long run.
The gift of life isn’t some kind of toy.
There’s more to it than just having fun.

Take a leap of faith every once in a while.
Caution can be an alarming friend.
Taste a sip of excitement’s vial.
You won’t regret drinking it in the end.

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I’m just a tiny puddle upon the weathered sidewalk,
splashing as pedestrians tromp right through me,
headed either closer to or farther away from home.

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Make the Move

I don’t need to talk to myself.
I don’t need to sing songs to the sky.
I don’t need to fear a fiery hell.
I just need to ask the uncomfortable why.

I’m running inside a circle
that has no end in sight.
I’m blindly headed toward
an imaginary light.

Wishing does me no good.
Only action means a thing.
So I’ll make the move I should,
even if it’s going to sting.

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To Win Your Admiration

Winter sun shines upon my soul caked in a layer of dust,
revealing the filth that’s built a comfortable home
as I begin to contemplate how best to scrub it clean,
hoping to make it attractive enough to win your admiration.

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Everything Else

Writing about
everything in my heart,
except for her.

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Never satisfied with what I possess,
I’m eternally searching for something more.
Gazing upon distant stars in space,
the blessings in front of me are left ignored.

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To Awake

There will always be opposition to what is wise,
and yet progress marches on as we begin to awake.
Love may be blind, but hate tears out our eyes.
I pray that justice prevails for our population’s sake.

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In your cold, marble eyes
it’s impossible to see
any sign of forgiveness.

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