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February, Leaving

February, in a hurry to leave,
always busier than her placid siblings,
dashes across the glittering fields of morning,
her belongings falling out of her knapsack
like a smattering of fresh snow.

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Unnatural Light

As bleak darkness begins to overwhelm the day,
city lights become brighter to compensate,
but they could never compare with natural light.

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Coming Home

I don’t want to offend,
but this has to end.

The message has been sent.
I said what I meant.

Someday you’ll find me,
and then you won’t mind me.

Until then,
I can’t say when.

It’s music to my ears,
those shifting gears.

I’ll drive all night
if it’ll do me right.

I can only hope
you’re able to cope.

Or maybe you don’t care.
Your eyes just simply stare.

I cannot tell
if I’ll enter hell.

At least it’s not heaven.
No seven times seven.

Just numbers that make sense,
their meaning so immense.

It gives me a good feeling
to realize I’m healing.

There’s nowhere else to go
but up and through pure snow.

I won’t ever be found
until I’ve hit the ground.

Then I’ll experience peace
living under these trees.

It’s my only desire.
I wish to expire.

I’m happily alone.
I’m finally coming home.

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Repeating Myself

Am I just repeating myself
again and again,
like words on a treadmill?

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Diving headfirst into a pool of clear, refreshing water
beneath the scorching sun of that long-lost afternoon,
Your spirit washed me until my mind, body, and soul
were as pure as the moment I came out of the womb.

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No artificial noise,
only a silence so pure.

The wind steals in through
a crack beneath the front door.

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She’s a Goddess

clothed in a hoodie,
wrapped in pride,
veiled in insecurity.

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