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February, Leaving

February, in a hurry to leave,
always busier than her placid siblings,
dashes across the glittering fields of morning,
her belongings falling out of her knapsack
like a smattering of fresh snow.

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Unnatural Light

As bleak darkness begins to overwhelm the day,
city lights become brighter to compensate,
but they could never compare with natural light.

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Coming Home

I don’t want to offend,
but this has to end.

The message has been sent.
I said what I meant.

Someday you’ll find me,
and then you won’t mind me.

Until then,
I can’t say when.

It’s music to my ears,
those shifting gears.

I’ll drive all night
if it’ll do me right.

I can only hope
you’re able to cope.

Or maybe you don’t care.
Your eyes just simply stare.

I cannot tell
if I’ll enter hell.

At least it’s not heaven.
No seven times seven.

Just numbers that make sense,
their meaning so immense.

It gives me a good feeling
to realize I’m healing.

There’s nowhere else to go
but up and through pure snow.

I won’t ever be found
until I’ve hit the ground.

Then I’ll experience peace
living under these trees.

It’s my only desire.
I wish to expire.

I’m happily alone.
I’m finally coming home.

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Repeating Myself

Am I just repeating myself
again and again,
like words on a treadmill?

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Diving headfirst into a pool of clear, refreshing water
beneath the scorching sun of that long-lost afternoon,
Your spirit washed me until my mind, body, and soul
were as pure as the moment I came out of the womb.

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No artificial noise,
only a silence so pure.

The wind steals in through
a crack beneath the front door.

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She’s a Goddess

clothed in a hoodie,
wrapped in pride,
veiled in insecurity.

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You know how the sun
envelops the drenched grass
in an affectionate hug
after many days of torrential rain?

Well, that’s exactly how I feel
when touched by your unfailing love.
I am the drenched grass,
and you, of course, are the brilliant sun.

How could you be anything else?

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Same Love

Meet me on the other side,
that place where we belong.
There we won’t be forced to hide,
or feel like love is wrong.

The world is quick to judge,
but they don’t understand.
Their granite hearts won’t budge,
eternal reprimand.

Put your hand in mine.
Don’t worry about what they’ll say.
What we share is fine.
It’ll gleam in the sky one day.

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Words inscribed into the warm sand
of the beach where many are gathered today
vow that two lovers will be eternally one,
but the tide has other plans.

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