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The Optimist

Though the sky is gray
and the ground is muddy,
I’m alive.

I’m still breathing
in and out
like I always have,

and that simple fact
leaves me feeling
very optimistic indeed.

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What Comes Out

Water is able to clean a person’s skin,
but it can’t cleanse the impure soul.
It’s what comes out, not what goes in.
Smudges and stains are from below.

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The atmosphere of this chain coffee shop I’m writing in
is one that isn’t very conducive to original thought,
what with all the noise and the air conditioning on full blast,

preventing every poet here from slipping under the warmth
of the blanket creativity drapes over them as they lie awake each night,
forever staring at the ceiling as if it were the starlit firmament.

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A storm came over me in the middle of the night.
It throttled my bones and made me lose my mind.

It drained the supply of strength that lived inside of me,
but I finally found the calm below all of my hypocrisy.

The raging thunder then entered my repose,
and fabricated pain had never felt so close.

I woke up with the sun peaking through my blinds,
reminding me of grace and love and other subtle signs.

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Hey, everyone! So I wrote a song a little while back, and just wanted to share the lyrics with all of you. When I sharpen up my guitar skills I’ll post a video of me playing it as well. I hope you enjoy the words!

Just One Kiss

Teach me, reach me.
Alone, heart of stone.
Learning, maturing.
Giving, forgiving.
River, it washes.
It watches over me.
Leave me. Forget me.
Broken, unspoken.
I’m breathing crisp air.
I’m departing from despair.

Kiss me, just one kiss.
Lest I die of loneliness.
Truth is just a myth.
A foolish, naive wish.

Mistakes are many.
I’m ending my long stay.
I’m dying. I’m flying
out of here, into relief.
Release me. Give me peace
before I flee my home.
You’re lovely. I’m falling.
Oh, love me. Say you will.
Trust me. Take my hand
and escape to better land.

Kiss me, just one kiss.
Lest I die of loneliness.
Truth is just a myth.
A foolish, naive wish.

Kiss me, just one kiss.
Lest I die of emptiness.

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Your hand is the brass key
to my heart’s shabby door,
and if you decide to enter,
you won’t ever be ignored.

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Missed Enlightenment

Setting foot in sleep’s bedchamber
just before the moment
you would have finally woken up.

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Flight of Perfection

How does one move on
when they’ve come eye to eye
with complete perfection
only to have it flutter hastily away?

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Shirley Temple

Memories of watching your films
leave me feeling quite sentimental.

Your life and example painted us
with a brush so decent and gentle.

Now you’re shining in the evening sky.
Rest in peace, fair Shirley Temple.

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Snow White

That slush blanket of powdery white,
it’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing deceptively bright,
grim underneath though giving out light.

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