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New Beginnings

Grape soda.
Comforting words.
Love again.

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Just to Be with You

I’d give up an eternity in heaven
just to be with you
for a handful of years in this life.

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At All

Nothing comes easy.
Nothing comes difficult.
It doesn’t come at all.

The battles I fight are pointless and uphill.
The hearts I pursue are already still.

I’m left here alone, eyes wet and hurting,
wondering what I’ve done to deserve such burning.

Nothing comes easy.
Nothing comes difficult.
It doesn’t come at all.

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Toe by Toe

How could you just walk away
from everything, the good, the bad?
I’d still battle, come what may,
but you’d just sit upon your hands.

Was there ever more there?
Could it all have resided inside my head?
How can what I held so dear
have been born out of only being misled?

I found shards of you in other girls,
but partial joy’s not what I’m looking for.
You’re the only one who’s fully you.
You’re the only woman I truly adore.

Though it’s difficult to accept,
I have to end the pain somehow.
Block the line of cause and effect
before I’m lost to hatred’s brow.

The conclusion is this:
you sadly forced me to let go.
I stood on the cliff.
You pushed me off, toe by toe.

I wanted you too much.
You didn’t want me enough.
Our hearts will never touch.
I guess we just weren’t made for love.

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Misdirected Love

A sidewalk chalk heart
drawn in the center
of a busy road.

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Dream Away

This morning was a battle,
action fighting against more sleep.
Sheets were strangling me,
leaving my thoughts in a drowsy heap.

Eyes empty of moisture.
A stomach full of sadness.
With every passing minute
I’m creeping closer to madness.

French toast and tea.
Marmalade with biscuits.
Opportunity knocked,
but I went and missed it.

Maybe I’ll go outside tomorrow.
The sun just might invite me to play.
But for now I’ll draw the curtains
and dream away another day.

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Finding You

Finding you was like plunking around on the piano
and discovering the most beautiful melody ever composed.

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Snowflakes are unique
until they touch the ground,
conforming to the earth,
their charm no longer found.

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No Alarms

No obnoxious calls to wake up,
only gentle sunlight
ferrying me from lovely repose.

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