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I can’t predict the future,
but fast forward through the next four years,
and I’m certain my love for you
will burn with the same strength as today

when we said our awkward goodbyes
in the heart of a downpour,
your delightful curls soaked to the scalp,
my hands frozen as the biting wind.

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The Message

Though the envelope she handed me
weighed less than a paltry ounce,
the enormity of the words contained inside
put so much strain on my heartstrings
that it might as well have been made of lead.

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The jury sits whispering in the cold room,
everyone else completely silent as they prepare
for the verdict to be read aloud, a decision

carrying the weight of so many broken lives
it is enough to simply come to the realization
that no correct answer is allowed to exist here.

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If I am the pouring rain,
you are the umbrella
that gently breaks my fall
as I tumble down from
the cloud-ridden sky.

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I’m writing my way toward the next poem,
digging words out of the fertile soil.
Perhaps one day I’ll become better known
if I happen upon lines of greater toil.

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Tracing constellations
along your fair and delicate skin,
you’re much lovelier than
what’s to come, what’s here now,
and what’s already been.

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Interior Beauty

Staring fixedly at my bedroom wall
with its shoddy paint job of an unsightly color
as if it were the finest piece of art in existence,

which on many days it most certainly is,
being the source of inspiration for numerous writings
when the weather compels one to remain indoors.

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The things we did, the things we said.
They made me trust in heart over head.

Never again will I be making that mistake,
calling fondness real when it’s obviously fake.

I gathered what’s left of our fractured months.
In my head I tried my best to forgive.
In my heart I acknowledge I tried only once.

I’ll continue wearing this jacket of regret.
It’s getting a little small on me,
but at the moment I don’t want to forget.

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Singing in the Dark

Even in the darkness of early morn
when blue sky is still burrowed
underneath its bedding of jet-black,
not yet ready to rise from sleep,

the birds sing their merry songs,
knowing the light is coming,
confidently waiting to welcome it
into the arms of another day.

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Hea rts
still beating

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