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The other night as I was sprawled across the living room floor
I spotted an eerie shape through my bedroom window
sitting among the fog in one of the plastic lawn chairs next door,
the outline of a bearded man I’d never seen before,

and the terror I felt in witnessing this odd, though still, moment
was enough to paralyze every fiber of my being,
so that I was unable to do anything about the ghastly intruder,
forced to just stare as he tranquilly rose from his seat

and seemingly glided into the dense area of pine trees nearby,
back to where he no doubt wandered out from,
sending a serpentine chill down the entirety of my spine
as I silently wept for morning to arrive.

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When one door closes another one opens.
But I only have one door in my bedroom,
and since I never step outside for fresh air,
I suppose I’ll die here, never knowing love.

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Timing is a bitch.
That much I have learned.
I may be spewing kitsch,
but my tide will never turn.

Backing off isn’t an option.
I’ve played with fire ever since my birth.
Giving up just doesn’t suit me.
If I have to I’ll wander the entire earth.

Though my heart is damaged,
I’m used to the feeling by now.
And if it should never mend,
I’ll find a way to be somehow.

There isn’t any time for complaining,
or holding on to bitter thoughts.
Even through this relentless raining,
I’m searching for the good in loss.

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Beach Reading

Staring into the balmy sun,
my eyes are getting the slightest tan.
This is the way I’ll live for fun,
reading novels on the fine, white sand.

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The empty space beside me
in that old photograph
begging for your presence.

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Turn to Dust

Chasing what I want,
giving in to joy.
At my favorite haunt,
acting like a boy.

Temptation all around.
Morals on the floor.
Music blaring loud.
Line outside the door.

Letting go of plans.
Holding on to lust.
Taking what I can
before I turn to dust.

Life is much too brief
to waste on hate and worry.
I’m just a fragile leaf
blown around inside a flurry.

I may never become wise,
or enter a gate of pearls.
At least I won’t feed lies
to a million boys and girls.

I’ll only do as I please.
I know where that will lead.
I refuse to fall on my knees
and pretend to forlornly bleed.

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I don’t possess a beating heart,
but a bundle of wires inside my chest.
Love and emotions are oh so far,
but to show you I care I’ll try my best.

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