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Quell It, Zealot

How can love be wrong,
and hate considered right?
Threatening damnation,
believing out of fright.

Hollow conversation,
waving signs, and yelling out
won’t do us any good,
won’t get rid of valid doubt.

Forsake condemning words,
allow kindness to wash over.
Friendship is more important
than being a seedless sower.


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In Due Time

Trust doesn’t ask for certainty,
patience doesn’t allow envy to bud,
kindness doesn’t hurt purposely,
love doesn’t thirst after guilty blood.

Trust permits others to wander free,
patience endures when life isn’t fine,
kindness remains as hearts disagree,
love dissolves all hatred in due time.

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Upon Her Stars

She’s lovely as the night sky
teeming with brilliant flecks of gold.

How I’d delight in gazing in wonder
upon her stars for all eternity.

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Music gently carries us to places brand new,
guides us across scorching deserts and open plains.
It causes us to ponder over beautiful lyrics,
to remember those who’ve misplaced their names.

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For Love of Autumn

As summer departs
along with you,
the gray takes over
what once was blue.

I will admit,
I love the rain,
but I’ll miss your touch
upon my brain.

You have a way
with words, you see.
They’ve taken root
in my memory.

I’ll think of you
while you’re not here,
and that will keep
my heart from fear.

So long, farewell,
I’ll see you again
when spring arrives
at winter’s end.

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Postcard from the Moon

I climbed glued ladders to the moon
to get a better look at the stars.
I wish you were here beside me now,
but heaven remains so very far.

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humid, unbearable
a second skin

I pine for
crisp autumn
to return
bringing rain

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