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No Strings Attached

Deflated are the doubts of old,
no longer carrying
a rifle of hatred and insecurity,
prepared to shoot
every second of the day.

Alive is the hope I had
in my youth, back when
I could look at the sun
and marvel at its glow.

How incredible it feels
to have finally outgrown worrying
about what’s being said,
how wonderful is the feeling
of standing on my own.

And how perfect is this moment,
adorned with pure joy,
rid of these strings attached
like a puppet set free.

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Getting Ahead of Myself

If I could just go on one happy, romantic, beautiful date with you,
well, needless to say it would be the best day ever,
and it would certainly bloom into something more permanent,
like marriage and children and a white picket fence.

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Remember Me

Remember me when I’ve left
everything to
become an improved man,
ever striving to
kindle a flame in your heart
and melt the
hard wax formed from pain.

Remember me when I’ve gone
off to pursue
something that terrifies my
every fiber.

Over hills and straight through
gorged rain clouds,
love the sole warmth in
existence here,
sun nowhere in sight,
butterfly, during this, remember me,
yes, only remember me.

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It Hardly Matters

Veins gorged with
icy water flowing smoothly
along otherwise hollow
tracks designed with intent
or by chance, it hardly
matters at this point.

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As She Moves

Dancing along with her
on the plush carpet in our living room,
red hair covering blue eyes as she moves,
it doesn’t seem worth mentioning
everything is absolutely divine.

Always the joyful, free spirit,
never happier than when
nerves have been disregarded.

How could I forget her
often enough to lose the fondness
grown inside of my chest
as love matured from a single flower
nurtured into a splendid garden?

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Room to Grow

Let me lay a foundation,
and grant me room to grow.
Maybe in time I’ll blossom,
igniting a most pleasant glow.

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First of Many

I could spend many an afterlife
describing all of those lovely, fleeting things
that caused me to fall for you

the moment we sat down to share lunch outside
on that humid day in late August,
the first of many meals enjoyed together,

and though I cried when you left
like it was the last time I’d see your face,
something inside told me

we were meant for much more
than one afternoon in each other’s company,
much more than a simple hug goodbye.

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More Than This

I had a dream you didn’t hate me,
that joy enwrapped our hearts.
I woke up disappointed,
reality rooted in the dark.

Change is hard to come by
when what’s transpired won’t let go.
Choosing hatred over love,
doubtful, thinking you already know.

Being stubborn if you’re wrong
doesn’t make a bit of sense.
Burning lush, green grass
from your spot upon the fence.

Anger mixed with resentment
causes goodness to be missed,
so escape that wicked grasp
and live for more than this.

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Nodding Off

Many years have passed.
My hair is gray and thin.
Time goes by too fast.
I won’t be who I’ve been.

Shadows climb the stairs.
Not scary, though somewhat odd.
Alone, never in pairs.
I can’t escape Death’s subtle nod.

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Lying to Myself

You’re just a woman
like so many in this world,
I keep repeating,
though the more I speak the words
the less convincing they sound.

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