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Blips aired on the evening news
return to reality when the camera’s switched off,
going back to near-empty rooms,
nothing echoing inside expect the driest cough.

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Our astronaut hearts
incited the riot we’re now witnessing,
handfuls of molding clay
to shape a future already set in stone.

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We met our end,
but there wasn’t any closure.
Just a dangling thread
keeping my love from keeling over.

My heart still beats for you.
I know how foolish that must sound.
It may be foolish but it’s true.
Thoughts of you go round and round.

I’m a boat that’s lost its sail.
I’m a sea missing its shore.
I’m not the only one to fail,
but it hurts regardless of before.

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The late-winter sun
is a blessing here today.
Beaming down at us,
a silent but loving gaze.

Warming frozen skin,
if only for a moment’s time.
Guiding moving limbs
toward a state of being fine.

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Broken Sum

We promised each other next time,
but that day will never come.
It’s just something people say,
so we stay pieces of a broken sum.

Words are easier than actions,
and that’s what we’ll choose every time.
We’re not known for our effort,
and old habits just won’t stop on a dime.

Mistakes that could be avoided,
we run headfirst into their hold.
Thinking it’ll turn out different
if we just disregard the cold.

You’re a hamster on a wheel.
I’m a rat inside a maze.
Learning from no experience,
existence just a daze.

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The Weekend

Wasting time during the weekend.
Video games, just trying to survive.
Netflix bingeing Sunday night away.
Monday morning, the glaring sky.

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We were an experiment gone wrong.
A mass of chemicals never combined before.
Destroying the lyrics to nature’s song.
Fighting beneath the disguise of forevermore.

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She loves me.
She loves me not.
She loves me.
She loves me not.

Damn four-leaf clover.
Lucky, my arse.

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That little scrap of paper
was burning a hole inside my pocket.
Asking now instead of later
because love can’t live inside a wallet.

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I possess a beating heart
like every other human being living
on this wonderful planet,
so why is it I just can’t seem to fit
into any group I’ve seen?

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