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Hollow Earth

No matter their politics,
no matter their gods.
Few people are genuine;
most are just frauds.

Spouting their beliefs,
but the heart isn’t there.
Giving love a bad name,
fixed on insincere prayer.

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trying to speak underwater
you’re the salt stinging my lungs
the tide throwing a tantrum
the sun resembling heaven’s gates

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Eavesdropping on the crickets’ chirp,
dark of night now in full swing.
To what will tomorrow be giving birth?
I ask without them answering.

But it’s okay, I’m well aware
of how we reveal our cards these days.
I find I cannot blame them there
for being reserved when life’s a maze.

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Now that the dust has settled
and is no longer hindering my sight,
now that I’m not inebriated
by the person I believed you were,
I’m steadily recovering my poise.

The energy I expended on you,
undeserved and foolish to an extreme,
would be enough to fill me with regret
if not for everything happens for a reason,
that tired yet cuttingly honest cliché.

And just because I haven’t found the reason
isn’t proof a reason doesn’t exist,
only that it’s still ahead of me somewhere,
calmly waiting to be spotted,
flowers on the side of a busy highway.

For you my soul was left exposed,
but you didn’t see what I’d hoped you would,
and the distance between us grew
until we came to the point of waving goodbye,
two specks on separate islands.

Today I’m certain: I don’t miss you at all.
I wish you the best, of course,
but tell me, who wouldn’t be relieved
when a poison that’s caused so much damage
finally exits their veins?

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You can have all the stars
decorating the sleeping sky.
I’ll take the sliver of moon
and your hand inside mine.

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Always the nightmare,
never the daydream.
Knees up to her hair,
an internal scream.

Eyes have been darting
from ceiling to window.
A cold figure standing
unwelcome on the lawn.

Through the fireplace
he sneaks his way in.
Down a curved hallway
to enter her bedchamber.

The heart is a beast
or a wonderful gem.
Circumstance waves its wand
recklessly, without thought.

Apart from this world,
bitterness takes root.
Flowers made of thorns
played as instruments.

Soft humming can be heard
from behind the door.
The key still in the lock,
avoiding suspicion.

The grass long bare,
the deed now done.
Eyes lay motionless,
back up and through.

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Riding on a donkey,
You came to save us all.
Later hung upon a cross,
set to rise and break our fall.

Tears do flood my eyes
as I think about the pain
You suffered for our benefit,
how we mocked Your holy name.

But when I consider grace,
relief washes over my flesh.
Forgiveness for my sins,
every morning starting fresh.

This love received we didn’t earn,
an eternal gift from You alone.
Placed atop Golgotha’s hill,
the great savior, the cornerstone.

O my Lord, no other king
would for us lay down his life,
be wounded by mere servants’ hands,
become a willing sacrifice.

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桜の花 (Cherry Blossom)


A walk beneath the cherry blossoms,
inhaling spring’s scented bouquet.

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The Sun, Setting

A glacier slowly melts,
and I’m freezing, drowning.
By the time you find me
I’ll be one with the ocean.

You can dry your tears,
for this was meant to occur.
Reason is only human, too,
with good and bad days.

Don’t be afraid of the water,
of swimming through my soul.
I’d welcome your company
any moment you desire to cross.

The other side holds me,
but it doesn’t suffocate my dreams.
It’s more like a warm hug
keeping a shattered heart together.

Should I observe the sun setting,
it would be a lovely sight,
giving me the smallest hope
there’s more to come.

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Like I Used To

existence isn’t a highlight reel
I’m setting down my phone
taking in the scenery
like I used to

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