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Don’t let them clip your wings.
You were always meant to fly.
Since the moment of your birth,
you were enamored of the sky.

You provide us with such hope.
I pray that you’ll succeed
in pulling down that star
you spotted in your dreams.

When gravity is a hindrance,
harsh words snapping at your feet,
let your chest ascend and fall
with your heart’s distinctive beat.

You’re beauty in its purest form,
outside the bounds of imagination.
You’re all things to all the people,
the solution to every calculation.

And if you fall, it won’t be long
until you’re back amid the blue,
for you’ve a way with shining on,
even when the darkness looms.

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When I consider my incredible family and friends,
all these blessings that I don’t deserve,
I can only feel grateful to God, standing in awe
of where we’ve come and where we were.

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Without Pretense

How can I,
a being so small,
affect your soul
and make you fall?

I’ve gone over plans,
each scenario in my head,
and have come to the conclusion
I should love you instead.

No more overthinking
or looking like a fool.
Only natural growth,
allowing friendship rule.

If eyes are already set
on romance from the start,
it doesn’t leave much room
for growth inside one’s heart.

So here I’ll stand,
without pretense or those games.
I like you for you,
and not through wishful frames.

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From where I’m standing,
you’re beautiful inside and out.
The tide washed our feet
before we knew of its omnipotence.

Cradled by the warm sand,
we built a castle, dug a shallow moat,
invited all who would fit,
and forgave the ones who’d wronged us.

Under that gorgeous disk
rising and descending we stay afloat,
content with being happy,
thankful for the opportunity to love.

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Even with these plans we make,
uncertainty still shows its face.
God shows us which paths to take,
but it’s on us to accept grace.

By fear we might be stuck in place.
Getting out can become a task.
By Jesus Christ we can have strength,
and all we have to do is ask.

The light may not be what we thought,
but once it’s found we’re finally free.
In His hands we’re beautifully wrought.
Sculpted, magnificent souls are we.

Thanks be to Him, our maker who saves,
saves us from our selfish ways.
Thanks be to Him, He bested the grave
to offer us all heavenly days.

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Separate Suns

Jaded by the so-called light,
we wandered through the darkness,
ghosts on opposite sides of the same path.

I’m certain you noticed me,
for I didn’t attempt to hide my appearance,
part of me wanting you to stop me.

The silver tears you cried
dotted the ground beneath our feet,
became a morbid guide for me to follow.

I would have dried each one
had I the nerve to inch my way closer,
but I knew better than to try and love you.

Ultimately we didn’t need each other;
in the end both of us made it out alive,
worshipping our separate suns.

Still, whenever I reflect on all that’s passed,
thankfulness permeates my antiquated heart,
because I know how much it cost us to be ourselves.

Indeed, the cost was high, and the night, thick,
yet the reward of loving one’s own skin
is a prize I’d fight for over and over again.

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Open up your lips,
spreading out both sets.
We’ll passionately kiss,
have extraordinary sex.

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If the sky collapses
and the trees pass away,
my love will remain
bestowed upon your grace.

If the water runs out,
drink from my devotion,
for this feeling I have
is deeper than an ocean.

If the home you built
should by storms be torn apart,
just say the word,
and you can live inside my heart.

Regardless of the cause,
regardless of effect,
in these brown eyes of mine
you’ll always be perfect.

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He’s been beat up.
He’s heard it all.
Still he declines
to build a wall.

No broken heart
or dismal day
will smother hope
or cause decay.

He’s strong enough
to keep on mining.
He’s bright enough
to keep on shining.

Embracing love,
forgiving hate,
the kind of soul
never too late.

He’s always warm
inside and out.
His smile leaves
us with no doubt.

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Just because I wasn’t wrong
doesn’t mean I wasn’t confused.
I simply took a wild guess,
a broken man with nothing to lose.

They misled my impressionable heart,
made it believe in a fairy tale.
Now I know better than to trust
in a foolish love set up to fail.

At least I’m free from throwing away
effort that they don’t deserve.
I’m focused on much higher goals,
a redeemed soul’s been called to serve.

I’m tired of dithering in the middle.
Pressure from the world, it’s gone.
I only want to be myself,
happy with the way I’m drawn.

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