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Stacy, with your eyes of blue,
won’t you cut my heart in two?
The more I think the more I do,
so here’s to greeting the brand new.

Stacy, with your smile so kind,
won’t you place me in your mind?
You’re the girl I’d hoped to find:
sweet and beautiful, and refined.

Stacy, with your fragile skin,
won’t you let me brush your chin?
The lightest touch, fine as a pin,
but never piercing tender sin.

Stacy, with your glowing soul,
won’t you reveal how to be whole?
These years have taken quite a toll,
when feigned perfection was the goal.

Stacy, with your contagious joy,
won’t you fall for this smitten boy?
Many of my feelings do you employ.
In your soft hands I’m a mere toy.

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Examine My Soul

These judgmental eyes bearing down on me,
they act like they can examine my soul.
But our sins of existence are only skin deep.
Praying toward light, my heart is full.

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My heart is not a stone,
it’s an organ beating strong.
And when I’m all alone,
I can hear its hopeful song.

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I take my time
watching the moon,
its tender glow
a gold balloon.

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Ruthless Kingdom

The pieces of
the falling sky,
they puncture flesh
and bleed us dry.

Fear has cost us
every right,
but still we never
wonder why.

Blindly we follow,
willingly we jump.
Cliff of tomorrow,
placed in a clump.

Never to know freedom,
forgetting about love.
Serve a ruthless kingdom,
and never rise above.

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We don’t see eye to eye,
the mask that is our grin.
This ocean drained and dry
makes a loss of every win.

I share with you my faults,
and you tell me all your sins.
Oh, how we dropped the ball
before we were even sinking in.

We swear upon the graves
of those who haven’t passed.
Flesh is what death craves,
though I pray our spirits last.

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Breathing Hope

Finally free, I’m breathing hope.
I can view the cloudless sky again.
Life’s no longer a freezing slope.
Warmth envelops my grateful skin.

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We’re ill at ease
but staying pure
among these thieves.
The cause or cure?

Before our start
some years ago
love fell apart,
became a show.

They taught us how
to carry pain.
From there to now,
no sun nor rain.

Ice is forming
around our souls,
a tepid warning
melts fool’s gold.

Who do we think
we are in this place?
In pools we sink,
pushing down our face.

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May Not Love

My sweet darling, I may not love
you in the most groundbreaking ways,
but I bought you an expensive ring,
so let’s get married, become clich├ęs.

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Washed Out

The rain had a lot to say that day,
drenching what little chance we had.
When morning came we were washed away,
different souls on separate land.

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