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To Mush

It’s the time of night my mind is mush.
Calculation is a dream.
No progress made; it won’t be pushed.
Imagination is unseen.

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It Won’t Be

Sunny weather can lift one’s spirits
for sure, but today it isn’t the sole reason for
my smiling, and I have a feeling
that when tomorrow comes it won’t be, either.

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I can feel your chest
placidly rising and falling
in opposition to mine,
swings no longer in unison.

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Salt, Digging

I was washed up in the ocean,
enamored of the tide.
My flesh wrinkled by the water,
salt digging at my pride.

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Pause and Pray

Each time there’s a fleck of hate
that’s formed upon my injured heart,
I learn to simply pause and pray,
that I might stand with who You are.

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Glass Half Full

These little setbacks,
they make us strong.
In the moment large,
but never long.

Even with these clouds,
the sun’s still there.
Look toward the light,
breathe in fresh air.

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The Gardener

God, grasping the sky’s
handle, a gigantic watering can,
tips its contents ever
so slightly, sprinkling the earth.

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