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Sarah Kay

The way you speak
truly inspires me.
The way you live
kindles fire in me.

Spoken word
in its best form.
You take unheard,
make it reborn.


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She Is Love

The sea recedes into her pen,
as she repeats beauty again.

What wondrous waves on fingertips,
such pretty words wade in her lips.

Rivers, lakes, and oceans stir,
all for love, and all for her.

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You are the heart-stop
just before the fall.
The ravishing woman
descending the hall.

You hold faithful love
inside of your soul.
To pursue such a girl,
what a worthwhile goal.

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Sun Break

Cluster of gray cloud breaking
its promise of rain.

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Who am I
that I should have
any pride
beyond what’s healthy?

Who am I
that I should boast
of what I’ve done
when it’s minuscule?

Who am I
that I should stand
and criticize
the hearts of others?

Who am I
Who am I
Who am I
that I should question

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Summer Love

Words full of new love,
their affectionate mark
upon the earth’s finish,
names etched into bark.

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This routine mug of coffee,
steaming as I write
cold, archaic words across
pages with no light.

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